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The earth spilled meteor rain

The opening of a beautiful starry sky: you will have a good chance to monitor the bright planets and meteor rain, said In the rush hour . Many people think that the world is available only to observe with a telescope, but it’s not quite right.

When viewed from Earth, five of the eight planets in the solar method are more or less comparable to the power of the brightest stars, so they were known in relic. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Pope and the meteor rain

meteorMeteor rain approaching Earth asteroid and lightning in the Basilica of St. Peter – these rare events during the week, caused a stir on the Internet. On Friday morning, in five Russian regions was recorded meteor rain. Russians have seen the fall of car – a very bright meteor, like a ball of fire. He left a trail of smoke, his flight was accompanied by a strong sound wave. Eyewitnesses also reported explosions.

NASA experts have come to the conclusion that the power of the blast, which occurred at the time of entry of a meteorite, was 0.5 megatons. “The events of this magnitude can occur on average once in a hundred years”, – said Paul Chodas NASA specialists.
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