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Metal history

Long years ago, our house has happened mystical story a man accidentally dropped a teaspoon, that tinkled on the floor and … gone! She was never found.

It would seem that so special? Little did things lost? But later I was surprised to learn that the loss of teaspoons have long taken on a global scale – such as the phenomenon of Concerned Scientists.

Stolen Billions

In the authoritative scientific journal British Medical Journal published the results of research staff of the Centre of Epidemiology Burnet Institute (Melbourne,Australia). A team of researchers led by Margaret Herald placed in the institute’s cafe 70 specially marked spoon. Read the rest of this entry »

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Iron mysteries of the Great Past

mysteries metalDuring the archaeological excavations, mining works, sometimes just by chance in the strata of the earth are the items that baffled not only the miners, but also scientists and researchers.

They are called fossil unidentified objects (NCI), or artifacts. Typically, NIO consist of one or another metal. A puzzle blocked – that they occur in the rock layers historically coincides with the time when the world in principle could not only be treated, but simply any one  smelted metal.

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Space smells of meat and metal

Space Some USA scientists have learned the secret all over the earth: what is actually smell of outer space. However, the responses of people who traveled to orbit, just puzzled experts. According to the astronauts, space smells of meat and metal.

“When I was on the ISS, I felt the flavor of roasted steak, the smell of hot metal and welding fumes” – describes his feelings, a member of the expedition to the International Space Station, Tony Antonelli. According to him, the smell is difficult to compare with anything.
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