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Decrypted message Extraterrestrial civilization

civilizationAmazing facts January was rich in UFO sightings. Fixed unidentified objects in the sky over Bremen, Okinawa and Syktyvkar. They came into the view of cameras near the ISS and even on Mars: soaring object photographed the rover Curiosity.

UFO researchers information Yuri Grigoryev and Anna Azhazha believe that any appearance of UFOs – is a kind of message that we have to decipher. And claim to have found that communication algorithm, which offer us aliens. Read the rest of this entry »

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Archaeologists have found a mysterious prehistoric message

prehistoric messageScientists through computed tomography and 3D-modeling could look inside a sealed clay balls, called envelope. Today, all over the world can be found only 150 pristine samples of letters’. Recently, archaeologists have found another one like prehistoric letter in which the messages are hidden. Inside it are tiny figures of various geometric shapes. According to foreign media reports, experts are very interested in the question of how such letters were sealed in a time when people did not own writing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Message of Mother Teresa

Humanity alternate name Mother Teresa – Nobel Peace immortalized left us in these few sentences, the essence of his thought. Lowing cons Thoughts to inspire us all.

Is the most beautiful day? Today

Is the biggest obstacle? Fear

Is the root of all evil? Selfishness

The worst defeat? Discouragement

Does staples? Communicate
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