Mermaids life in water

fishmanThe origin of life on Earth was in the water, and in the process of evolutionary development of water being constantly improved. Modern science has completely agree with the fact that man’s ancestors lived in the water element. However, so far there is no consensus about whether there was (and maybe still is) a highly developed civilization ichthyologist people.

, siren, undone, Vila, sous-kz, merrow – all names for the same unusual aquatics in the languages ​​of different people. For information about meetings with mermaids found in the ancient epic, and a description of the external characteristics of these creatures in the legends of the world remarkably similar. Continue reading “Mermaids life in water”

Reality or fiction-Legends about mermaids

Mermaids existed since time immemorial. There are those that account for thousands of years. For whatever reason, they are still alive? This is not only a long history. There are witnesses among our contemporaries, that they have the experience of contact with the mermaids.

Here is an example of how this relates to all the well-known people – Andrei Makarevich.
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