Those men are attracted to women most

attracted to women mostHaving studied the results of various studies in the field of gender relations, scientists have found some features of the behavior and the external features of the fairer sex were male most welcome:

1. Moderate neuroticism

More women than men prone to displays of emotional instability and anxiety. Studies have shown that women with inflated levels of neuroticism are less satisfied with their relationships.

However, some scientists have suggested that the extent of disturbing the fair sex can attract men, because they treat a woman like a good mother, taking care of the welfare of their children. Continue reading “Those men are attracted to women most”

Viewing pornography reduces the volume of the brain in men

pornographyMen watching pornography may face a decrease in brain volume and with reduced sensitivity in response to sexual stimulation. However, it is possible that people watching pornography often initially have characteristic changes in the brain.

Dr. Simone Kuhn of the Max Planck Institute has documented the small size of the corpus striatum of the brain in people watching porn. This part of the brain is included it processes information about the reward and motivate behavior. Continue reading “Viewing pornography reduces the volume of the brain in men”

Mysterious kidney disease destroys men in Nicaragua

diseaseChronic kidney disease in Nicaragua has acquired epidemic proportions in some areas it affects one of the three man, often with fatal consequences. Doctors call different causes of the disease – from agricultural chemicals to global warming, but neither one of them is not yet possible to confirm.

During harvest time, when the exhausted workers conducted 7 days a week for the sugarcane harvest, signs the deadly disease was hard to notice at first. When the season ended, people began to notice that the players on the baseball field move, as in a dream, and in the evenings they have high fever. Continue reading “Mysterious kidney disease destroys men in Nicaragua”

Why do women talk more than men

women talkScientists have found that women, on average, say about 20,000 words a day, while men – less than 7,000. Neuro scientists and psychologists at the University of Maryland found that the verbosity of women due to the fact that their brains more protein Foxp2.

Scientists point out that if people just women have more of this protein, the rats developed the opposite situation. Continue reading “Why do women talk more than men”

10 female attitudes that excite men

female attitudesFemale attitudes that excite men behaviors make a man lose control and turn in an instant, causing a collision inside
The men we love to woo women, seduce, surprise them, love them, but mostly we like that they are attracted, sure, we like to always be the engine that comes on, but what happens when they are the ones that a little attitude we ‘take the match “?
Sometimes unconsciously look to some girl who “put in check” with certain actions, girls we “change the script” and we are the ones to lose control.

A woman with an accent. A girl is not exactly your country gives a plus compared to other girls, always listen to an unfamiliar accent is often very attractive to the ears of a man, foreign accents are often very sexy when girls Launch a word flirt.
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All the King’s horsemen and all the King’s Men …

 King's horsemen and all the King's MenThe carnival and the gala show of troops in honor of the 60th anniversary of the host on the British throne, Elizabeth II, attended by about 2500 soldiers of the three branches of the armed forces of Great Britain – Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.
Together with employees of Honor Guard, and six musicians parade of military bands marched from Windsor Castle – the royal residence of the countryside – along the main streets of Windsor and ended at Windsor Park. Then the same route to the park proceeded Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. The military provided them with several musical numbers; congratulatory speeches were made by the Chief of Staff of the armed forces and the Queen herself. The parade shouted toasts Elizabeth II, which is the supreme commander of the country.
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