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Scientists have discovered the mechanism of anticancer action of aspirin

CancerThe University of Dundee in Scotland (University of Dundee) published in the April issue of the journal Science.
The researchers conducted an experiment using fetal liver cells and found that an increased dosage of salicyl ester of acetic acid increases the activity of AMP-kinase (AMPK) – the protein that regulates metabolism and cell growth, as well as controlling its energy balance.
Usually, AMPK is activated by a significant consumption of energy in the cell and increase the level of AMP. After activation of this protein in the cell blocks the synthesis of fatty acids and their oxidation, in contrast, is much more active. Read the rest of this entry »

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A new evolutionary mechanism

evolutionary, mechanismScientists have identified a new evolutionary mechanism that works to bypass genetics.

Group of experts from University of Rochester (USA) and University of Victoria (Canada) recorded a stunning process, during which the bacteria settles in the body of the animal, gives him a reproductive advantage, and then transmitted by inheritance? In accordance with the law of natural selection, the offspring of such individuals over time begins to excel in this population.

John Jenica, first together with his colleagues describes this phenomenon, notes that perhaps it is widespread, but goes unnoticed.
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