Mayan Revelations for 2012 and beyond next revelation

MayaHundreds of military and government agency witnesses have come forward with testimony confirming this extraterrestrial presence. If extraterrestrials influenced human history, evidence of their existence be found in hidden tunnels and caverns around the world?

Could a cave in Ecuador contain metallic books inscribed with secrets of alien technology? Was built an ancient underground city in Turkey with alien help … or as a refuge from an alien attack? Continue reading “Mayan Revelations for 2012 and beyond next revelation”

The Mayan astronomical computer

The Mayan computerThe Mayan priest’s astronomers used a computer to perform complex visual astronomical calculations easily and accurately.

His observations were recorded in hieroglyphic books, where tables were developed for predictions. Three books – The codices of Dresden, Paris and Madrid- containing such tables, with explanations and applications.

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Mayan hieroglyphs disclose the secrets of the ancient Battle of Kings

MayaA stone stele with an explanation of the ancient battle for power found in the jungles of Guatemala, in the tunnel connecting the tomb of an ancient Mayan temple of Queen. Archaeologists were able to read the description of the battles those 1500 years.

Stella is about 2 meters high and 1 meter wide, and the whole painted with Mayan hieroglyphics and enclosed with drawings carved in stone. The text on the monument tells of the exploits of ancient heroes which lasted for seven years war between two dynasties for power in the ancient Mayan kingdom. Continue reading “Mayan hieroglyphs disclose the secrets of the ancient Battle of Kings”

The mysteries of the Mayan language

Mayan SymboleThe language of the ancient Mayan symbol for a long time, but in these days of the Internet helps them to complete this titanic work and write the history of this mysterious Meso-American civilization.

For centuries, scientists have little understanding of the Mayan records, but their elegant astronomical and calendar calculations. Maya dominated much of Central America and southern Mexico for thousands of years before their civilization mysteriously disappeared for about 600 years before the Spanish conquistadors. Continue reading “The mysteries of the Mayan language”

Mayan pyramid builders demolished stood for more than two thousand years.

pyramidRoad builders have destroyed one of the largest and most ancient Mayan pyramids in Belize, stood for more than two thousand years.  Scientists shocked by what had happened and called the perpetrators of the barbarians.

Bulldozers and excavators pyramid razed to the ground, doing a production of crushed stone for road construction.  The fact that the ancient structure is destroyed, it became clear at the end of last week.  From the pyramid, as described in the Institute of Archaeology of Belize, there was only a small mound that stood in its center.

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Found in ancient Mayan buildings

Mayan buildingsMysterious Indians were able to build the pyramids earlier than scientists thought.  Famous stone buildings of the Maya, including the pyramids, were older than previously thought.  This is the conclusion the American scientists who conducted the excavations in Guatemala, writes The New Scientist.

In the central part of the country is the ancient Mayan city Seibal where archaeologists found a small pyramid and several large platforms (ceremonial structures).  Continue reading “Found in ancient Mayan buildings”

The Mayan calendar to the Gregorian

 Mayan calendarScientists have re-checked the system of long-count with a modern European calendar. This is necessary for accurate dating of historical records.

This is not a picnic. Maya pooled days (kin) in 20-day cycles (uinaly), which in turn accounted for tun (one tuna – uinalov 18 and 360 days). 20 tuns – it Katun (about 20 years), and 20 katuns – Baktun duration of 144 thousand days, that is a little less than 400 years. Closing one of the baktun just has fueled speculation about the end of the earth

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The drought that ruined Mayan described with unprecedented detail

MayanA cave in southern Belize in detail told about how brilliant civilization flourished first in North America due to heavy rains, and then was forced to fight for survival in the terrible drought that lasted for several centuries.

Rapid decline of the classic Maya civilization, which is between 300 and 1000 years, occupies most of Mexico and Central America, have long confused archaeologists. There is still no clear explanation of why society created a complex calendar and great pyramid collapsed in the years 800-1000.
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Mayan Calendar – December 21, 2012 open skies

Mayan, CalendarCivilization of Mayan thought the shortest day in 2012 a symbol of new-born Sun, which will bring a new human civilization.
Maya attached special importance of the date of December 21, 2012, which is approaching us at high speed … Their cosmic calendar, as well as the “Great Year”, end on this day, and according to the prediction of the prophets, it will bring a new space between deep space and knowledge.
But not only has the tribe of Maya made this date. Inside the great pyramid in Egypt, at the Golden Fleece is shown encrypted calendar stone (stone calendar). It is based on information on the movement of the earth and the sun around the galactic center, and also ends December 21, 2012. Continue reading “Mayan Calendar – December 21, 2012 open skies”

The Mayan Calendar

December 2012 the planet await the terrible disasters are likely to have developed from the inaccurate interpretation of signs on the monument of Tortuguero. This monument was discovered in the Maya 60s of last century. It is a large stone table, sheltered glyphs – signs indicating the exact calendar period. Even despite the fact that the table is quite badly damaged, the researchers were able to decipher it preserved part. Scientists have established that some of the glyphs indicate the year, which in modern chronology may well relate to the year 2012. This period is the calendar image of Bolon Yokte – god of war, Maya. But researchers believe that the table does not end in 2012. Thus, one of the symbols can be seen as the year 4772. Continue reading “The Mayan Calendar”