The Mayan pyramids

This year 21 December 2012, Winter solstice. Orion Over the Mayan pyramids. El Castillo, the central mystery of the pyramid of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula. It is sometimes called the Palace of Kukulkan, the height of 30 meters in height, and the side of the square base – 55 meters.

Maya civilization destroyed climate change

The researchers from the UK, Switzerland and the United States published a paper in the journal Science that a thriving civilization Maya ruined problems with the weather. This hypothesis has been put forward by researchers, but had no evidence. Now scientists have completed the isotopic analysis of stalagmites two millennia old, which revealed a surprisingly… Read more Maya civilization destroyed climate change

Talking cross maya

The XIX century Europeans conquerors fire and sword walked across America, causing “creature comforts” in Indian village Chan said … cross. Human voice the character of the Christian faith called the last descendants of the ancient Mayans for a holy war against the invaders … Symbolism of the Cross has been known since ancient Mayan… Read more Talking cross maya

John Lloyd Stephens, a key figure in the discovery of the Mayan civilization

John Lloyd Stephens found in the Old Marble Cemetery. In 1947 a group of fans placed over his grave a plaque decorated with glyphs and with the caption- “In this vault are the remains of sepultos John Lloyd Stephens (1805-1852), traveler and author, a pioneer in the study of Maya civilization of Central America, designer… Read more John Lloyd Stephens, a key figure in the discovery of the Mayan civilization

Maya Underworld

World Mysteries antique civilizations of South America and particularly Mayan civilization excite the minds of hundreds of scientists, meanwhile, remain unsolved to this day. Every new discovery makes the ancient Maya more “mystical” people. The recently opened Mexican peninsula of Yucatan, one of its scientists secrets – an incredible complex of underground facilities. Have been… Read more Maya Underworld