The first man assignment to Mars is not possible without NASA

MarsNon-profit organization Inspiration Mars in detail how she was going to run a couple of astronauts to Mars – a husband and wife. mastermind of the project multimillionaire Dennis the world’s first space tourist and his associates recognized that the secret is simple: they hope that the partner agrees become NASA, which share not only experience, but also equipment, and money. We call on our national leaders to take advantage of a favorable moment for the beginning of manned solar system research and confirm that the United States ahead of the World – written by enthusiasts. Continue reading “The first man assignment to Mars is not possible without NASA”

Morocco were pieces of the ancient crust of Mars

crust of MarsMeteorites NWA7533 and NWA7034, which fell in Morocco a few years ago , are fragments of the Martian crust , which separated from the surface of the red planet about 4.4 billion years ago, making them the oldest fragments of Mars at the disposal of scientists said in a paper published in the journal Nature. For today in the world there are several dozen meteorites , which are fragments of ancient Mars, a breakaway from him in the fall of large asteroids. Continue reading “Morocco were pieces of the ancient crust of Mars”

NASA launch a satellite for the Mars investigation

satelliteNASA launched a satellite into space to study the MAVEN Mars. This was reported on the website of the U.S. space agency. The launch Atlas V carrier rocket at Cape Canaveral in Florida occurred at 13:28 local time (20:28 on Kiev) in standard mode. The first session will take place the satellite in an hour after the start, when he will begin a solo flight to Mars. MAVEN arrival at Mars in about ten months, and the whole mission is designed for a year. Continue reading “NASA launch a satellite for the Mars investigation”

The number of satellites of Mars has more than doubled

MarsAstronomers have increased from 3 to 7 of the Trojan satellites of the red planet. It asteroids, which are located in the Lagrange points on the Martian orbit. Scientists have concluded that some of them came as a result of the large space accident. Trojan satellites “of the planets astronomers call those asteroids that are in the vicinity of the Lagrange points L4 and L5 are the so-called Sun-planet system. At these points the gravity of the planet and the Sun is actually balanced, and space objects can be placed in them indefinitely. Most of these Trojan satellites of Jupiter – about six thousand, Neptune – 10, and the Earth has only one confirmed and one possible candidate for the Trojans. Continue reading “The number of satellites of Mars has more than doubled”

Apparatus studying Mars take a look at the comet of the century

MarsOver the next year, near the Red Planet will fly two comets. The news itself is neither good nor bad. But it has raised fears of scientists who fear that the particles of cosmic wanderers can damage satellites of Mars involved in surveillance for and study of its surface. Currently, the orbit of the Red Planet is three operating spacecraft-NASA Odyssey mission and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), as well as the European Mars Express. Also, two existing rover currently exploring Mars surface itself- it’s Curiosity and Opportunity. All of these spacecraft will be able to observe the comet ISON, which is closer to Mars this year, and behind her, and C/2013 A1 in 2014.

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Norwegian scientists sent to Mars robot snake

robot snakeAnalysis of the age of the remains prognathous 72 million years old, found in 2008 in Jordan, resulted in the discovery of the tail along the imprints of soft tissue resembling fins. The researchers conclude that this group of marine predators had a powerful tails like those who now have the white shark, not acne or sea snakes. Mosasaurs lived in the seas and fresh water near the end of the era of the dinosaurs 98-66 million years ago . Although these reptiles are well represented in the fossil record, no one thought it would be possible to find traces of the soft tissues of the tail, said study co-author Michael Poltsyn from Southern Methodist University (USA). Continue reading “Norwegian scientists sent to Mars robot snake”

Finding life on Mars

MarsLife on Mars? This question is maddening, forced to put forward conceivable theory of the cosmos lovers. Each of us thought about the possibility of the presence of living organisms on the red planet. Modern science gives us clues to the mystery. Understanding Mars Mars – so close and so mysterious planet, the atmosphere of Mars is low. On Mars, the evolution took place, according to the laws of physics and chemistry. Hydrogen, reacting with metals, forms the core of the planet. Seeping through lithosphere hydrogen binds with oxygen and carbon, because the water formed. Continue reading “Finding life on Mars”

NASA evaluates four possible places to land on Mars in 2016

NASA MarsNASA announced that for the next mission to Mars, scheduled for 2016, there are four possible landing sites, for a total of 22 possible candidates.

Insight probe break in March 2016 and six months to reach Mars territory, in order to investigate the formation processes of Mars, and try to understand the evolution of the rocky planets of our solar system, including Earth.

The four pre-selected points are located very close together on a plain of Ecuador on the planet called Elysium Planitia.

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Scientists accept as true there is no living on Mars

Mars lifePerhaps someone will be disappointed, but the next mission to Mars will not be devoted to the search for life on the Red Planet. Ninth July representatives of NASA, it was stated that the scientific program of the rover planned for launch in 2020, does not provide for searching the currently existing forms of life.

We have no clear direction of where it should look for even the most primitive organisms that can survive in such harsh conditions. To invest in such technologies would be foolhardy, Told reporters professor John Masterd.

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Life on Mars-What it will be like?

MarsThe first flight to Mars has attracted more than 78,000 applicants for only two weeks of applying. Thus, if the flight is successful, what will happen to those who will be selected for the flight? Is it dangerous? Life on Mars is comparable to the promotion of the Antarctica, with similar problems, according to the Mars One. The average temperature is -50 degrees Celsius (-58 F). The colonization of Mars will be developed in a similar way as on the basis of the research, and on the cold continent were created livelihoods. Based on the solar panels will be used for energy, and will be re-used as much as possible materials. Continue reading “Life on Mars-What it will be like?”