The Greek god On Mars

greekUrology found on Mars images the contours of the statue of the ancient Greek god Pan. According to mythology, the god Pan was the god of pastoral and cattle-breeding, fertility and wildlife. Fans of the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life believe that human civilization is associated with the Martians.

Enthusiast-urologist Scott C. Waring, known for his love of Mars and to the whole cosmos, regularly conducts a thorough job on the study of images obtained rover cameras. Continue reading “The Greek god On Mars”

Scientists have proved that Mars suitable for life

Mars lifeIt just so happened that all the planets of the solar system Mars is most attracted Space Explorers. Not coincidentally, it was the red planet mankind has looked after for itself as a possible place in the organization of prison overpopulation of our native land. And supporters of this idea received support from the NASA specialists who, as they themselves claim to have proved that Mars suitable for life.

This sensational conclusion scientist helped make the machine Curiosity, exploring the Martian landscape. With the help of nitrogen were found in an acceptable form of living organisms. Continue reading “Scientists have proved that Mars suitable for life”

NASA scientists for the first time commented a UFO on Mars

UFORepresentatives of NASA’s first comment on the photo and the UFO from Mars. Thus, they decided to discredit people’s opinions about what they hide sensitive data. The reason for such applications is the constant refusal of the public to comment on the various phenomena of NASA, the pictures that appear on their official website.

However, many fans of UFOs every day trying to find inexplicable viewing the online broadcast of the ISS. As a result, the agency receives a large amount of information about the discovery of various unexplained objects. Continue reading “NASA scientists for the first time commented a UFO on Mars”

Scientists have created a flying saucer to fly to Mars

NASA saucerTest flying saucer, which experts call blown inflatable retarder supersonic speed will be held in early June at the U.S. Air Force missile test site on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian archipelago composed. The experiment will be carried out in the stratosphere.

In the future, the designer view, the device will attach to the base of the spacecraft – this will ensure their braking tenuous Martian atmosphere and a soft landing on the surface of the Red Planet. Continue reading “Scientists have created a flying saucer to fly to Mars”

What would sense being on Mars it will fire missiles

marsThe mixture of the thin atmosphere of Mars and the lack of oxygen in it reduces the chances of finding life on the planet’s exterior. But scientists have suggested that life on Mars is under the ground – but there is a difficulty, how to penetrate. Project Exolance can solve this problem. Will be launched missiles into the surface of Mars, which are charged probes, and not explosives.

Continue reading “What would sense being on Mars it will fire missiles”

Atlanta flew to Earth from Mars?

AtlanticScientists say they can prove that the lost city of Atlantic was on Mars and its inhabitants astronauts traded with ancient Egypt for a considerable period of time.

Even more incredible their assertion they have proof that the legendary Tutankhamen died in the crash of the space shuttle with the alien crew.

Martian civilization destroyed itself or was destroyed by a meteor, and Egypt was still in his prime, made a sensational statement, Dr. Stephen Weiss assembled journalists and scientists in Bern, Switzerland. Continue reading “Atlanta flew to Earth from Mars?”

Geological mystery blueberries on Mars is not yet solved

geological mysterySeveral years ago, the rover Opportunity found on the surface of the Red Planet’s Endeavour crater near the strange balls that later scientists and townsfolk dubbed blueberries. They were so similar to those of wild berries. The shell they seem crispy and soft insides.

They have different concentrations, different structures, different composition and distribution on the surface. Overall, appeared in front of us curious geological mystery – says Steve Squires , one of the leading researchers Mission Opportunity. Continue reading “Geological mystery blueberries on Mars is not yet solved”

Start searching for the lost Soviet apparatus Mars-6 on Mars

MarsLast spring, Vitaly Yegorov, Russian amateur Astronautics, in cooperation with the users of social network Vkontakte obranuzhil on pictures of the Martian surface lost Soviet lander Mars-3.

Now, Vitaly Yegorov invites everyone to start looking for Soviet research station Mars-6, which was also lost. Automatic interplanetary station Mars-6 was launched into orbit by the rocket “Proton-K” August 5, 1973 at 21:45 MSK. March 12, 1974 lander Mars-6 began to enter the dense layers of the atmosphere. Continue reading “Start searching for the lost Soviet apparatus Mars-6 on Mars”

Much food and water you need a year of life on Mars?

MarsHow much a person eats for two years? based on the data of previous and current missions to a nearby planet to us, a trip to Mars may well take six months to get there, and six months to get back. Therefore, if you plan to stay on the red planet for a year to write the book there or conduct research, count on your two years of interplanetary travel.

Typical male weighing 91 pounds, which performs daily exercise, based on such a diet every day: 2,500 calories 83 grams of fat 60 grams protein 25 grams of fiber a wide range of vitamins and minerals Typical woman requires less so in principle it is possible to guess. Continue reading “Much food and water you need a year of life on Mars?”

Investigation of the mysterious jelly donut continues

DonutWith the phrase the mystery of Mars many recently associated mysterious gem, like a donut. Some people start to talk about alien life forms on Mars or projectiles thrown by little green men. One of the latest versions suggests that Mars has an exotic fungus, and this idea has led to a lawsuit against NASA.

It all started when a strange stone suddenly appeared in photographs Opportunity. Scientists named the stone Pinnacle Island, and they thought that the most likely scenario is that the rover wheels knocked out of stone and threw it to the new location where the rover turned. Another idea is that the stone – it’s part of the ejection – a piece of rock that fell near the rover. Continue reading “Investigation of the mysterious jelly donut continues”