The knowledge of mankind after the apocalypse?

 the apocalypseAuthor of the book Knowledge: how to restore our world from scratch astrologist Lewis Dartnell, has devoted years of his life not only work, but also writing a manual for survival after the end of the world. He used to compile the information needed to restart the society, ranging from agriculture and to how to make a radio.

How did the idea for your project?

For a while in my mind persistently loomed one question: What are the fundamentals for our civilization?. We see a lot of things every day, but I do not think many of us really understand how they work, or are being, or Stalling, or what made; Continue reading “The knowledge of mankind after the apocalypse?”

How many years mankind really?

 HumanityGeorge had a reputation as an outstanding historian Sintsell. He lived at the turn of VIII and IX centuries after Christ. Many years Sintsell preached in Palestine, was the personal secretary of the Patriarch of Constantinople Tarasy (784-806 gg.),

After whose death retired to a monastery, where he engaged in literary work. The most important work Sintsella considered Selected chronography. When it was created using the historian works of ancient authors such as Josephus, Manetho and the famous Babylonian priest Berossus, whose works can be found in many highly unusual. Continue reading “How many years mankind really?”

Mankind just an experiment aliens?

aliensPresumably they have given us all slaves feelings and emotions. That they gave us both good and evil. It turns out that if we are still alive, experiments continue? Here are a number of theories that offer to the consideration of our scientists.

– Earth. What do we know about her?

-Man.What do we know about his background?

– The universe. Who has studied it to the end?

We are powerless looking for answers to these questions. Like the banal dictum: “Who came first the chicken or the egg.”

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End of the world was confirmed in Tibet Mankind

World EndThe World end of confirmed in Tibet Mankind is constantly excite news of the imminent doomsday. Sensational Mayan calendar predicted this year’s end of the old era and the beginning of a new era. Now its opinion on the matter and expressed the Tibetan monks. Tibetan monk Doomsday New doomsday should come December 21, 2012, with the outlook for the Nasa made ​​a Tibetan monk. For the first time the world doomsday prophesies Lama. But should we believe that the world will end 21.12.2012-same? Tibetan monk nasa made ​​a statement to the end of the world – with titles such leave many media across Russia for the last few days. Continue reading “End of the world was confirmed in Tibet Mankind”

Putin, Obama and Jinping will last ruler in the history of mankind

the historyThe predictions of Nostradamus, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and Xi will be the last major rulers in the history of mankind. Once they recover from the authorities, the people will gather for the final battle – Armageddon. This was told on November 29 at a press conference in Chelyabinsk, author of “Vivat, Nostradamus” Tamar Dubrovsky.

She argues that the world’s first mathematically found the key to all 966 Nostradamus, decode them and gave explanations to anyone commenting on their past and future events in Europe, America and Asia. Author worked on it for nine years.
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The most fundamental in the history of mankind

future humanFrankenstein future? In the Lecture Hall of the Museum hosted a discussion “Frankenstein future: people between the robot and the clone.” Slon publishes 10 fragments of speech in the debate Researcher Laboratory Computer Systems biofeedback Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics Olga Bazanova. 1. Dream that a person can create technical means another person to repeat the act of God – one of the most fundamental in the history of mankind. This idea of creating a Frankenstein’s monster, even earlier – Golem, bustling Prague rabbi left.

Progress now reached the point that the idea of human creation is technically feasible. Cloning – a very simple procedure. Enough to prepare an egg, pull out her core, put nucleic material, that is, the genes in the empty egg, act on it by an electric discharge, and the cells begin to multiply.
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The ancient origins of humanity

ancient, origins, humanityThe origin of human excites the minds of mankind since ancient times. About 600 thousand years after the person has separated from the animal world, he probably was able to ask who he is and from where? In any case, the archaeological evidence – excavated Mysterious sites people suggest that the deliberate burial of fellow could not arise by chance, out of nowhere. They were prepared, in all probability, a certain amount of ideas about man as such, the mystery of birth and death. Subsequently, it has become a solid basis for the ideas and systems of philosophy, which later emerged the ancient legends about the origin of humans. Continue reading “The ancient origins of humanity”

The third message to mankind

HumanKOH gave the first call to 576 by ​​year Christmas residents at the time the largest in the world of Apuradhapura. The second message conveyed KOH in 711 inhabitants from the birth of Christ then the largest city on the American mainland Tkaatsetkoatl. This appeal to the KOH earthlings mostly identical to the first two on the content, composed in the main languages ​​of today’s Earth Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish. The text of the treatment adjusted to the current level of knowledge and misconceptions people on Earth. The aim of treatment is the holding at some future negotiations between the representatives of humanity, and representatives of the Coalition for the entry of humanity into the Coalition.
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Prehistoric viruses threaten mankind!

The most famous are the so-called plazmozavry – creatures that represent clusters of plasma. The first encounter with members of the Soviet expedition to get into in 1959 to the South Magnetic Pole.

Antarctica was the last continent, which set foot man. For a long time, researchers thought it was virtually lifeless continent. Only on the ocean, they met the good-natured colony of penguins, a striking resemblance to his habits of people. But it turned out that the continent is inhabited by strange and deadly creatures, a meeting which leads to inevitable death.
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