Man and dinosaur close

Scientific and objective article, entitled “Traces of the person on the stone, William Rush, a biology professor at Concordia College in Anne Arbor,Michigan, is considering three main types of tracks left unturned are paintings or sculptures made by human hands, and unexplained until now prints.

It stops the reader’s attention to the fact that “there are really genuine human footprints in the rock.” In the journal “Science Weekly” recognized that the fossilized footprints are a mystery to which modern science has no answer. Continue reading “Man and dinosaur close”

Found man-made pyramid

 pyramidAt present, formed a scientific expedition, which explores the mysterious discovery. A group of American and European scientists and researchers in Antarctica have found that in the ice continent are three ancient pyramids.

The researchers believe that these pyramids of artificial origin. Two pyramids are located at a distance of 16 kilometers from the coast, and the third pyramid is located not far from the coastline.

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How did the alien man

aliens man

The super-civilizations spread and consolidation of life in the universe – the meaning of their existence. The first major intervention of aliens occurred at the intersection of eras, that is somewhere 60-70 million years ago, when they made a radical reorganization of the planetary solar system.

As a result of this intervention on the Earth’s climate has changed significantly in the direction of cooling and there was a radical redistribution of the dominant species on the land, with the predominant role of warm-blooded animals. Continue reading “How did the alien man”

Origin of life-And a man came out of the water

History of lifeNumerous data accumulated in anthropology, suggests that human ancestors were living in the water. And today people have kept at least at the initial stage of its development, the evidence speaks for “water” ancestors of mankind.

Prior to his birth nine months a child spends in the amniotic fluid. And in the first weeks of pregnancy the fetus has gill slits and a tail. Sometimes newborn children have a serious disease, ichthyoids, and the observed changes in the skin, and the skin of infants in structure resembles fish scales.

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Man in Moscowirradiated radiation friend to become immortal

radiationPolice man explained that he has a friend who wants to become immortal, so he and his companion irradiated by radiation. Friend even went to the zone of the Chernobylaccident, to get exposure and immortal,” – said the agent of law enforcement officer.

Metropolitan police arrested a college lecturer capital, who kept house radioactive materials and irradiated a friend who wanted to be immortal, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a police source city. Continue reading “Man in Moscowirradiated radiation friend to become immortal”

Long before man on earth occupied by elves

elvesLong before man appeared on earth, lived here for the elder races floor – people, half of spirits, details of which have drop to us in the idea of the legends from the past. One of the oldest inhabitants of the earth is the elves. Many nations of the world are references about them, the name of this mysterious people often are similar in many languages. The ancient Jews called them the Aleph, the Germans – Alva.
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Scientists read the thoughts of a man in a coma

ComaBritish scientists have again miracle the world community. This time they were able to read the thoughts of men, which is already more than 10 years in a coma. With the newest scanner, analyzing brain activity, neurosurgeons found that patients in a vegetative state can think and even the “answer” to the questions.
In 2000, a resident of Canada, Scott Routley was in a serious accident and was in serious condition was taken to hospital. The doctors told the relatives of the victim, that Scott went into a coma. The patient could open his eyes, move his fingers and follow the normal mode of the day and night, so the family believed that Scott hears and understands them. However, doctors confirmed the opposite. All tests showed that the man is in a vegetative state and is not able to react to the outside world.
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Man blames octopus for murder in South Korea

A man accused of killing his girlfriend is claiming that an octopus did it, in a bizarre murder trial

The unnamed defendant is facing the death penalty if he is found guilty of murdering his 22-year-old girlfriend, also unnamed.

In his defense the man is claiming that his girlfriend choked to death on Sannakji, a type of edible octopus that is consumed while it is still moving. Continue reading “Man blames octopus for murder in South Korea”

What is the Soul?

The  SoulWhat is the Soul? There are numerous definitions of the term varied, among which we have chosen:
– “The Soul is the substance or cause cheerleader of individual life.” Anonymous.
– The Egyptians held that the soul was divine ray acting through a fluid compound peculiar.
– The Jews consider the vital principle.
– The Hindus teach that the human soul is part of an immutable principle, the world soul, the Anima Mundi, the all-pervading ether of space (akasha). Said ether is simply the driver of certain types of energy and serves as an interface between the essential spirit and intangible matter.
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Man bites snake to death

In an unusual case of role reversal, a man in Nepal killed a Cobra snake by biting it to death.

Mohamed Salmo Miya has been working in a rice paddy when the snake appeared and bit him. Enraged, the man chased the snake down and then decided to give it a taste of its own medicine by proceeding to bite it repeatedly until it was dead. Police have stated that he will not be charged over the attack because the snake species was not endangered. Continue reading “Man bites snake to death”