The first man assignment to Mars is not possible without NASA

Non-profit organization Inspiration Mars in detail how she was going to run a couple of astronauts to Mars – a husband and wife. mastermind of the project multimillionaire Dennis the world’s first space tourist and his associates recognized that the secret is simple: they hope that the partner agrees become NASA, which share not only… Read more The first man assignment to Mars is not possible without NASA

For what man hair?

In America, after the research, the information about hair has been hidden since the Vietnam War. Our culture tells people that hairstyle – it’s a personal preference, that hair style – it’s fashion and / or convenience, and that how people wear their hair – it’s just a cosmetic issue. Going back to the period… Read more For what man hair?

Man and dinosaur close

Scientific and objective article, entitled “Traces of the person on the stone, William Rush, a biology professor at Concordia College in Anne Arbor,Michigan, is considering three main types of tracks left unturned are paintings or sculptures made by human hands, and unexplained until now prints. It stops the reader’s attention to the fact that “there… Read more Man and dinosaur close

Found man-made pyramid

At present, formed a scientific expedition, which explores the mysterious discovery. A group of American and European scientists and researchers in Antarctica have found that in the ice continent are three ancient pyramids. The researchers believe that these pyramids of artificial origin. Two pyramids are located at a distance of 16 kilometers from the coast,… Read more Found man-made pyramid

How did the alien man

The super-civilizations spread and consolidation of life in the universe – the meaning of their existence. The first major intervention of aliens occurred at the intersection of eras, that is somewhere 60-70 million years ago, when they made a radical reorganization of the planetary solar system. As a result of this intervention on the Earth’s… Read more How did the alien man