A programmer steals more than $ 10 million from Microsoft

Mountains are losing snowUkrainian citizen Vladimir Kasha stole more than $ 10 million from Microsoft, according to the materials in the criminal case. At 25, the young man led a luxury lifestyle, with cars and mansions between his properties.

Vladimir Kasha worked for Microsoft in the US, first as a contract employee, and from 2016 to 2018 as part of the company’s staff. He worked as a tester for the company’s online store, for which he had the ability to create real transactions with non-existent credit cards. Continue reading “A programmer steals more than $ 10 million from Microsoft”

7 Best Herbs for Natural Kidney Cleansing

HealthYour kidneys do a lot of important jobs, and if you don’t keep them healthy, it puts you at risk of dangerous conditions like renal failure or kidney cancer. The primary and best-known function of kidneys is to filter blood and excrete liquid waste. But they do a lot more than that.

Kidneys help control your blood pressure because they require an optimal pressure level to do their work. That means that kidneys are able to either raise or lower blood pressure as needed via a hormone called rennin that constricts blood vessels.

  1. Garlic

Garlic has a protective effect on your kidneys and other organs. Regular consumption has been found to lower the concentration of lead and cadmium in kidneys, heart, liver, spleen, and blood stream. Garlic also has diuretic properties that help you eliminate excess sodium from your body. Continue reading “7 Best Herbs for Natural Kidney Cleansing”

Characteristics vampires

incredible archaeologicalMany people in many different countries – and in Hungary and China – are confident in the reality of the existence of vampires. However, the characteristics of these at different locations are different.

It is generally accepted that many vampires can fly, or change the shape of his body. Most vampires are usually blamed for that, they attack animals and people and eagerly drink their blood. In some countries believe that the vampire – that ethereal ghost. In the other – that is corpse sinful soul who had to return to his body, unable to find peace after death.
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Death of Nelson Mandela-a man who changed history

MadibaFormer South African President, icon of the struggle for equality, has died at age 95. If I must die, I declare to all who want to know that I will meet my fate like a man, said Nelson Mandela in one of his most famous quotes. And so tonight was brought before her iconic democracy leader, who has died aged 95 at his home in Johannesburg, as reported tonight the presidency of South Africa.

Dear South Africans, our beloved Nelson Mandela Rohlihla, founding father of our democratic nation, has died, said Zuma, current president of South Africa, who added that the former president died peacefully and with his family. Our country has lost its best son, lamented President. Continue reading “Death of Nelson Mandela-a man who changed history”

The first man assignment to Mars is not possible without NASA

MarsNon-profit organization Inspiration Mars in detail how she was going to run a couple of astronauts to Mars – a husband and wife. mastermind of the project multimillionaire Dennis the world’s first space tourist and his associates recognized that the secret is simple: they hope that the partner agrees become NASA, which share not only experience, but also equipment, and money. We call on our national leaders to take advantage of a favorable moment for the beginning of manned solar system research and confirm that the United States ahead of the World – written by enthusiasts. Continue reading “The first man assignment to Mars is not possible without NASA”

A man out of time, or eternal life

lifeA wise man once said that eternity – it’s not the time that lasts forever, but to find out the time. Time – this regularity of a point in space where you should be. Time exists for the body because it is located in the space. Man, disidentification with the body, is outside of time, in eternity. He lives simply. He was never born and never dies. He did not come out of nowhere and will go nowhere. Man – this is not an organism, it is attitude. Formation of a world in which there is no death, begins with the denial of errors. After mistake – this is the little death. Continue reading “A man out of time, or eternal life”

Know about the Man

HumanNowadays, you can live as good as ever. Numerous technology does everything for us . After thousands of years of struggle of reason and past prejudices finally fallen. After all, parents did not forbid children to marry . It has become quite common phenomenon when the rich are getting married on the poor. Now you can practice any sort of religion, and what you want to listen to music without losing credibility among friends and acquaintances. It would seem, live and be happy.

But nowadays there are new challenges . Mankind has invented a weapon capable of destroying all life . Continue reading “Know about the Man”

For what man hair?

HairIn America, after the research, the information about hair has been hidden since the Vietnam War. Our culture tells people that hairstyle – it’s a personal preference, that hair style – it’s fashion and / or convenience, and that how people wear their hair – it’s just a cosmetic issue. Going back to the period of the Vietnam War, you may find a different picture that is hidden from most people.

At the beginning of the 90 Sally was married to a psychologist who has worked in the Medical Hospital Department of Veterans Affairs. He worked with combat veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. Most of them served in Vietnam … Sally said:- I clearly remember the night when my husband came home, holding a thick folder of the official form. Inside were hundreds of pages of government studies. Her husband was shocked at the content. What he read in those documents completely changed his life.

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Ancient magic spell on a man found in Jerusalem

magic spellAccording to the Israel Antiquities Authority , in the oldest part of Jerusalem , called the City of David , found an ancient magic lead the table of content.According to rough estimates, the age of the relics of 1,700 years. The text of the table is written in Greek. In it a woman by the name of Cyril asks six gods to put a curse on a man by the name of modern Janis .Interestingly, in parchment combined elements of the four religions. Of the six , four are caused by the Greek gods  Hermes , Persephone , Pluto and Hecate, one of the Babylonian and one Gnostic .

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The man – a space alien?

alienThe American scientists working on the program search for extraterrestrial intelligence could be described as sensational. The concern is that one of the closest star to Earth systems can be an exact copy of our solar system, only in the early stages of development. It is possible therefore that man once copied itself like creature which lived millions of years ago in the distant worlds. great Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius – one of the first Nobel Prize winners – expressed at the end of the 1 century the idea of panspermia- Life on Earth could be Bring the excitement of space exploration. Official science of the twentieth century ignored this hypothesis, referring to the spontaneous generation of molecules of life on Earth. Continue reading “The man – a space alien?”