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The Sun formed 100,000 kilometer thread of magnetism

Magnetic fieldScientists watching the new entity that emerged in the sun on July 29. The length of this magnetic thread is more than 100,000 km from end to end, and it is filled with dense plasma. Winding thread rises from the solar magnetic fields.

If it will break or fracture, it will fall to the surface of the star, which can result in flash Haider – flash type that does not require the presence of a sunspot.

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Scientists discovered a new magnetism

 General magnetism Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found in practice is a new type of magnetism that existed before only in theory. Generally magnetism known to all the people from childhood.

Ordinary magnet or compass – are manifestations of so-called ferromagnetism. Less well known form of magnetism, ant ferromagnetism is used in magnetic hard disk platters and heads due to this effect can read the information written on the plate. And in both cases, magnetism, materials acquire their magnetic properties when their temperature is below a certain critical value.
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