Aquarius female

Enter into a relationship with her, we must remember that it also porodoksalna in love, as in everything else. She has enough fidelity, as in all strong signs when she is in love, but it is also a lack of emotion, like all air signs. With it you can have good Relationships, when to allow her freedom to follow their interests and to rotate among their friends. Never try to tie it to the stove or in the bedroom. Ask those who have already tried to do it. Her dreams are different from ours with you: it is for its star, which most of us do not see. It belongs to everyone and anyone. Her love can be nednoy and inspired, but it is always a kind of intangible quality that resembles a half-forgotten tune. Continue reading “Aquarius female”

Strange UFOs in a triangle in the sky over Petersburg

In November, a little earlier this time, residents of St. Petersburg saw a UFO flying in the sky over the northern capital. One of the witnesses managed to film an unidentified object (UFO) on mobile phone camera.
Seen by residents of St. Petersburg UFO had the shape of an equilateral triangle with the bright bluish lights on each corner. It seemed that an unidentified flying object appeared out of nowhere, flying over the city, he disappeared into the night sky. Two witnesses, who interviewed the media, confident that the object could only have extraterrestrial origins.
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Named the cause of death of Michael Jackson

Michael, JacksonThe cause of death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson has become an overdose of a powerful anesthetic “Propofol”. This is evidenced by the autopsy, provided the judicial medekspertizoy on Monday.

According to “Vision”, M. Jackson, died June 25 in a hospital in Los Angeles at the 51 th year of life. When the singer was taken to the hospital, he was not breathing. M. Jackson died without regaining consciousness.

According to U.S. media, the prime suspect in the case of his death is a personal physician Conrad Murray. He stayed with Jackson in the last moments of his life.

Recall that the funeral M. Jackson moved from August 29 to September 3. M. Jackson will be buried in “Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park” in a suburb of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the funeral was originally scheduled for August 29. On this day, M. Jackson would have turned 51 years old.

Mysteries of the Ural megaliths

In the Urals, meets many strange stone structures of artificial origin (megaliths), full of riddles and mysteries. So, on the left bank of the river Cinar, above the village of Ust-Bagaryak Kunashakskogo district, lies the miraculous stone Mahadi-Tash. He still serves as a sanctuary for the local Tatar population. On limestone, furrowed with cracks in the blocks are indented – according to legend, left her holy Mahadi, who once sat on the stone. And on the shores of Lake Big Allakov stacked boulders, one of which bears the eyes, nose and mouth. Man-Made it work, or a freak of nature, but the face is a bit like an ancient Egyptian sphinx. And the stones were traces of rock paintings painted ocher images of some animals, dancing little people with horns. Continue reading “Mysteries of the Ural megaliths”

Mysteries Arzamas monster

The mysterious creature (not a crocodile, not a prehistoric dinosaur) was found in the city of Arzamas in the early eighteenth century. Monster authorities zaspirtovali barrel and sent to St. Petersburg to study. But the men accompanying the cargo, as one might expect, drinking alcohol from a keg, a relic lizard (possibly the last on the planet) allowed for snack …

Coat of arms of Moscow is known to all – it has a picture geog Victorious, lance snake. But few people realize that this is the dragon (not excluded) a very real creature that lived some time in Russia’s forests.
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Magic host

Magic ,hostIndeed, it is Ireland gives us the diversity of wandering fairies and the like. Irish tales and songs trace their thousand-year history, even before the time when it became dangerous to cross the border separating their world from the world of mortals, before the people to become captives of the country’s fairies, and before the time when the love that could arise between the mortal and the fairy, has become a hopeless anguish and suffering.

At that time the island has not yet been fully explored and described. Its hills, lakes and rivers have not yet had a name. But the death has already settled these lands. According to the chronicles of Ireland was populated by people who called themselves ferbolgami. They were the first conquerors of wildlife.
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Houses of little men

little men houseHouses of little men, whose lot – always intervene in human affairs, distinguished not only by evil intentions, but an ugly appearance. They were lounging around the farms, villages, usually not foreshadowing anything good. His dark and often black people they madly frightened townsfolk. hobgoblins steal something that is bad, sometimes even taken away the horses that gallop across the field furious gallop. In the morning horse’s mane is provided to coiled and tied to the incredible sites.

They say sometimes invisible goblins perform some work at home, although that nobody asked. In return, they expected that the owner will leave next to the stove a piece of bread and a cup of cream. Stretching in all its small size on a warm stove, goblins enjoyed the homey feel, which is very loved. They had a passion for exquisite wines and beautiful girls.
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History magicians

DragonAt the dawn of the world crude youth tending to the knowledge of a witch art, urged caution when meeting with the powerful elders. No one could dispute the power of the ancient sorcerers. This have experienced unfortunate.

And was not unique for its era, because the names of other witches hollow echoing the scattered centuries. In Finland were other magicians: the smith, who created the mill, always grinding salt, grain and gold; Menkalinan, who with the help of songs drawn in the sand, pearls, and in the northern realm – according to legend) once stole the sun and the moon, and hid them in the black mountain. Continue reading “History magicians”