Ancient Celts

The ancient Celts. Scottish scholar of folklore and ancient texts, Katherine Mary Briggs, who in his student years, specializing in English folklore and its existence in culture, in his book “The Fairies in English literature and cultural tradition,” states the following: the Celts, to keep them out of used special talismans and amulets, combining them with spells wearing. Further, the author in the twentieth chapter of the book says that the first such amulets to protect against elves, found in Anglo-Saxon culture. These amulets were called “veil”, which translated means “fairy”. One of these was the evil fairy lady Nimyue – the owner of the lake, which is exactly the image was repeated in an amulet depicting a small winged creature. Continue reading “Ancient Celts”

Eight Icy landscapes that hard to believe

I select these places and photos, I can not think another thought to think “if it were not a photographer I guarantee they are real, believe they are a montage done in Photoshop. A glacier in Chile with colors and tones that seem painted, a lake that look like iceberg or glacier sculpture that looks like a frozen sea, Iceland, Norway icy plains, a giant island in the Arctic ice, or glacier building a natural dam collapses while in Argentina. Are some frozen landscapes scattered throughout the world, mostly to remote and elusive to access, but any of them I think, justify the title of the post.
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Mystical power of tanzanite

powerThe most ancient and mysterious continent, which to this day did not reveal all its mysteries. Nowhere on our planet, a huge jungle not coexist with a bright white snowy mountain peaks, dry savanna to crack – with nesting penguins funny, violent currents – from the deserts of dead … semi-precious wealth of the African continent seem to be endless – Kimberley Pipe large diamonds, sapphires and emeralds and are welcome in most homes jewelry brand with a worldwide reputation. And it is from these places come into our world and the latest amazingly unique gem – “African mystic sapphire” tanzanite. Continue reading “Mystical power of tanzanite”

How to meet the World Wide Web?

My friends from time to time a question arises. How to get acquainted on the Internet. And I ask them to respond to the question. And why? Well as why. Because so many services and projects -. I, for instance, very much like Mobile Information, as there is everything have been thought or – this project is one of the oldest and most experienced and the base of a man with one of the vastest online.
Why learn to network when you can in real life, seeing a beautiful girl to approach quietly to her, try to meet and start a conversation.
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The atmosphere of UFOs and the Bermuda Triangle

UFOs,Bermuda, TriangleLet’s try to follow certain processes that occur in the atmosphere, on and under the water and in some cases led, in our opinion, a catastrophe in these environments.
Watching the storm clouds, we see sometimes constantly scurrying across the sky, lightning and hear the ominous rumble of thunder. But when otgremit thunder and rain will end, lightning may continue to bright flashes of light clouds on the horizon. Thunder can be heard at the same time. Why is this happening?
When you merge two thunderclouds with different charges, there is a huge capacity of electric discharge. Continue reading “The atmosphere of UFOs and the Bermuda Triangle”

Tale, as embodied in the reality-Disneyland Paris

Disneyland, ParisBoys and girls, their parents and friends – all in a mad ecstasy of fantasy world, dreams, embodied in the life – a small country in Disneyland Paris.

Almost a year mystical phrases dreamland Disneyland effect on my daughter magically. As soon as the girl began to whine and messing, I said the magic words: “In the summer you go to the village to Grandpa!”.

And my little girl immediately ran to clean the teeth and have sweet sleep exactly at 21-30. Diary of a joy to look solid “excellent”, and on the writing table, rose a pile of books they read.
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People become batteries

Oil and metals on earth ever run out. Another thing – bioorganizmy. They are ready to replicate, and thus – in fact, immortal. There are plenty of plans for the Exploration of alternative sources of energy based on biotechnology. It turned out that energy can be produced from plant waste and … living creatures!

For example, experts from the American Organization for Agricultural Research, headed by Dr. Charles Lee came up with to use as biofuel … mushrooms! Rather, shiitake mushroom tree, which grows in South-East Asia. Shiitake are consumed as a delicacy. He has the ability to produce enzymes that can quickly degrade the wood and derive nutrients. Scientists decided to modify the gene responsible for producing this enzyme. If he is able to decompose not only the tree, but also various biological waste, then based on it can be produce ethanol, which serves as fuel.
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Maybe so that people will die in a hundred years

dieOver the next 100 years, people will die – because they can not cope with the problem of global warming. This was announced by “qualified scientist” and “erudite” Frank Fenner, a hand in the destruction of smallpox virus, in an interview to an Austrian printed editions.

According to The New Scientist, scientists agree that a “major impediment” to the food: growth of world population with “unbridled consumption” would lead to a sudden upsurge in demand, which can not be met due to climate change. However, experts differ in their assessment of the extent of the coming crisis, and few who speak of extinction, as it does Fenner.Tem Still, history knows examples of the destruction of even very large populations, says author of the article Debora MacKenzie, and if no action is taken, humanity is waiting for trouble – the only question is how large transfers InoPressa with reference to the New Scientis.

Atlantis was on the site

Ancient Greek philosopher Plato (427-347. BC) in his own works Timaeus and Critias describes the life of the device and the famous and mysterious country and its capital on the island of Atlantis, which was located in the Atlantic Ocean more than 11,600 years ago. There are other ancient sources, describing the history of this country. Description of the capital and the country’s striking imagination of modern people grandeur and majesty of established churches, palaces, ring canals, irrigation systems, high level of development at the time.

Plato writes that the god of the sea Poseidon by lot (between the gods) to possess the island of Atlantis (Poseydonis) and populated it with their children from death Claytie, making them kings. He Priv ate the island in order.
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Hyperborean History

Hyperborean – an enigmatic country, northern, windy but warm. About her a lot has been said, many hypotheses suggested. Doubt that it existed, almost no one left. Of course, there are skeptics who always deny everything, adhering to stereotypes, but the error is entitled to one.

Personally for me, the most authoritative scholar on the topic is Doctor of Philosophy VN Demin. His contribution to the study of Hyperborean simply priceless. Research VN Demin documents, linguistics, folklore, and many others; create a general idea of the ancient civilization. The results of his expeditions to the Kola Peninsula are stunning, and confirm the correctness of the conclusions. But there is one question (as will become clear later, not the least), which, dear me, VN Demin, pays little attention. Namely: the causes of death Hyperborean.
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