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St. George

St. George. According to ancient legends, they were designed to protect against the evil eye and causing damage. Snake-like demon image taken literally, but the character who would punish him, correlated with some saint. For example, in Belarus says conspiracies about Saint George, were amazed as the serpent demon, “Yuri Ezdiv the mountains, by the Inter on zyaleznyh Strumen, beats a spear and creeping thing, and Gadin …” Then be sure to specify the names of snakes, as depicted on the amulet . Since plots were used together with amulets to increase the influence of the latter. Read the rest of this entry »

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Magic Power Cat

Magic power CatDomestic animal cat – one of the most magical of animals on earth. Aura it is so great that covers not only the individual but also his family, home, and territory that the cat is committed.

Therefore, we must understand that when a cat rubs against your legs, it is not just flippers, trying to get her, it means also that she shares with you his magic, astral force.
The person who pushes in that moment the cat, telling her to “go out, not up to you,” simply rejects the positive energy that she wanted to give him.
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Magic host

Magic ,hostIndeed, it is Ireland gives us the diversity of wandering fairies and the like. Irish tales and songs trace their thousand-year history, even before the time when it became dangerous to cross the border separating their world from the world of mortals, before the people to become captives of the country’s fairies, and before the time when the love that could arise between the mortal and the fairy, has become a hopeless anguish and suffering.

At that time the island has not yet been fully explored and described. Its hills, lakes and rivers have not yet had a name. But the death has already settled these lands. According to the chronicles of Ireland was populated by people who called themselves ferbolgami. They were the first conquerors of wildlife.
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