People become batteries

Oil and metals on earth ever run out. Another thing – bioorganizmy. They are ready to replicate, and thus – in fact, immortal. There are plenty of plans for the Exploration of alternative sources of energy based on biotechnology. It turned out that energy can be produced from plant waste and … living creatures!

For example, experts from the American Organization for Agricultural Research, headed by Dr. Charles Lee came up with to use as biofuel … mushrooms! Rather, shiitake mushroom tree, which grows in South-East Asia. Shiitake are consumed as a delicacy. He has the ability to produce enzymes that can quickly degrade the wood and derive nutrients. Scientists decided to modify the gene responsible for producing this enzyme. If he is able to decompose not only the tree, but also various biological waste, then based on it can be produce ethanol, which serves as fuel.
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Houses of little men

little men houseHouses of little men, whose lot – always intervene in human affairs, distinguished not only by evil intentions, but an ugly appearance. They were lounging around the farms, villages, usually not foreshadowing anything good. His dark and often black people they madly frightened townsfolk. hobgoblins steal something that is bad, sometimes even taken away the horses that gallop across the field furious gallop. In the morning horse’s mane is provided to coiled and tied to the incredible sites.

They say sometimes invisible goblins perform some work at home, although that nobody asked. In return, they expected that the owner will leave next to the stove a piece of bread and a cup of cream. Stretching in all its small size on a warm stove, goblins enjoyed the homey feel, which is very loved. They had a passion for exquisite wines and beautiful girls.
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Magi – old men beard and went into the street,This ryzhot guy because Volkhov terrible sorcerer, Eclipse happens because some volhid removes the moon from the sky and tell fortunes .The old lady she is, bayut, volhitka; prisuchit whether anyone or damage to plant, so that people hiccuping, much of it from her business Magi we have: Palaneya, Grandma Masha . They can take away from cows milk .

By definition Tatischev, Magi sometimes the very thing it means that now a philosopher or sage in addition, of course any action or proveschaniya through Devil pronounce about what Thou in the Bible, taco in secular history is pretty butts . Vorozhba believes VNTatischev, there is a simple or stupid, the other vicious and much less crazy, but both started sueverstvo.
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Wizards Magicians – Typically good media magic.

MagiciansThe king’s daughter is dead, the enchantress, one does not suit her funeral . Names magician, fairy cognate with Magi have several book shade and in everyday speech of the peasants are rare. They are more commonly used in fairy tales, especially those who have been literary adaptation.

Story On the wizard Demid, recorded in Tula, formed, according to the collector, among the gunsmiths and the middle class. Who is a force of evil sorcerer Demid recalls peasant superstitions. Nevertheless, he tries to serve God and people. Characteristics of its dual, for that matter, the perception of the peasants of some special strong wizards, which can be of God Tula tradesman Demid, hunting and field meets in the old, old man, persuades Demid give him his soul. Continue reading “Wizards Magicians – Typically good media magic.”

History magicians

DragonAt the dawn of the world crude youth tending to the knowledge of a witch art, urged caution when meeting with the powerful elders. No one could dispute the power of the ancient sorcerers. This have experienced unfortunate.

And was not unique for its era, because the names of other witches hollow echoing the scattered centuries. In Finland were other magicians: the smith, who created the mill, always grinding salt, grain and gold; Menkalinan, who with the help of songs drawn in the sand, pearls, and in the northern realm – according to legend) once stole the sun and the moon, and hid them in the black mountain. Continue reading “History magicians”