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Lunar shadow- secrets of the moon

Moon shadowWhen Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the moon for the first time, they made a surprising discovery: the shadow on the moon is much darker shadows of the earth because of the lack of atmosphere. All lunar shadow – is black. Once the astronauts stepped into the shadows, they could not see their own feet, despite the blazing brightly in the sky, the sun disk.

Of course, the astronauts were able to adapt to it, but such a contrast between dark and light areas of the surface still remained a problem. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lunar anomalies- secrets of the moon

Lunar anomalies moonSome pictures taken by different satellites seen very strange things on the lunar surface. It seems that the moon has artificial constructs, the size of which varies from very tiny, naturally having a parallelepiped shape to obelisks not less than 1.5 km in height.

Lovers of the paranormal even set up objects of these big castle, hanging high above the lunar surface. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lunar debris- Secrets of the moon

moon Lunar debrisEveryone knows that the man on the moon was. But not everyone knows that this man particularly write the word with a capital letter using the Moon as a standard place for a picnic – the astronauts walked on the moon were left there a lot of garbage.

It is believed that rests on the lunar surface about 181 437 kg of false materials. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lunar Eclipse – 28/11/12

 EclipseLunar eclipse of November 28, 2012 – penumbral lunar eclipse. Moon in Taurus. Moonrise – 16:03. Moon Set – 8:08. Penumbral lunar eclipse – around the shadow cone of the Earth there is a region of space in which the Earth is only partially obscures the Sun.

If the Moon is the penumbra region, but not in the shadow penumbral eclipse occurs. When it decreases the brightness of the moon, but only slightly, the decrease is almost imperceptible to the naked eye and recorded only devices. Only when the Moon passes near the penumbral eclipse cone full shade, under a clear sky, you can see a slight darkening on one edge of the lunar disk.

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Next month will one solar and one partial lunar eclipse.

lunar eclipseTold APA Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory named after N. Tusi National Academy of Sciences, the solar eclipse will occur on November 14 from 4:44 to 23:39 Baku time. This is a natural phenomenon in Azerbaijan will not occur.

A partial lunar eclipse will happen on 28 November, 16:18 to 20:51. Lunar eclipse in Azerbaijan will be a part.
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Lunar eclipse helped in the search for extraterrestrial life

Lunar, eclipseObserving the lunar eclipse allowed astronomers a way to search for habitable explants and analyze their atmosphere.

Spectral analysis of light reflected by the Moon, proved efficiency ways to search for habitable explanted, which was proposed by scientists from Britain, Portugal, USA, France, Switzerland and Chile. Their study will shortly be published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Where to read the original?

Preprint article is available to all interested in the electronic database
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New Year’s Eve lunar eclipse will occur

EveThe advent of the new year on Dec. 31 will mark the private shadow lunar eclipse, which will start at 20.15. At this time the Moon will enter the penumbra of the Earth, and in 21.56 already plunged into it completely. This is a spectacle for a mere observer would not be very noticeable – a satellite of the Earth is only slightly darker. If at this point were the astronauts on the moon, they would see how the Earth has closed part of the Sun, and for them it would be a partial solar eclipse, wrote new region.
Only near the moment of maximum phase in 22.23 is the bottom edge of the moon will leave the Earth’s shadow and noticeably darker. But it will be within just a few minutes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lunar eclipse 2009

Lunar eclipse this year fall on New Year’s Eve – a sophisticated astronomical phenomenon, which certainly affects the Earth’s humanity.

What happens during a lunar eclipse, in addition to the known physical manifestations of man? First of all, the human mind (ie consciousness!) A few “cover” for him from the heavy magnetic fluxes, otherwise the impact would be unpredictable. The very structure of man in this period becomes a conductor connecting Heaven and Earth. This means that everyone at this moment can become an open system, related both to high heaven flows, and heavy (infernal) layers. A person can open up to the forces Kosmozla, if not formed some protection. Therefore, during the lunar eclipse the work of hosts of angels Guardians activated. As a result, the overwhelming majority of humanity is protected from unwanted influences.
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