The unique pyramid Etruscans dug in wine cellar

Archaeologists in Italy have discovered unique underground pyramids built by the Etruscans – the tribes who inhabited the north-west of the peninsula in the I. BC. Ancient buildings have been found a group of Italian and American scientists in wine cellar in Orviento in the central part of the country.

These pyramids are cut in the rock of limestone, which was formed by volcanic activity. All lower structures were completely bombarded. “At the top of the buildings, which were changed in our time and used as a wine cellar, we have noticed a number of stairs carved into the wall. This was obviously an Etruscan construction”, – said one of the researchers. Continue reading “The unique pyramid Etruscans dug in wine cellar”

The kitchen in a cottage found Mayan mural

Rare Maya murals discovered on the wall of his home village resident Guatemalan Chahul while repairing kitchen.

This finding Lucas Ramirez did five years ago, but archaeologists have learned about the discovery recently. Scientists believe that the images belong to the Mayan culture. The newspaper The New York Daily News reports that the house in which the paintings were found to have been built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. Presumably, they were created at this time. Continue reading “The kitchen in a cottage found Mayan mural”

Lost pyramids found on Google Earth ?

Angela Micol believes that she may have located several undiscovered pyramids in Egypt using Google.

A ‘satellite archaeologist’, Micol uses tools such as Google Earth to help her identify possible archaeological sites that have otherwise gone unnoticed such as her discovery of a potentially undiscovered underwater city off the Yucatan Peninsula. Continue reading “Lost pyramids found on Google Earth ?”

A lost world in the Arctic

ArcticThe most northerly inhabited island in the world, which is a frozen desert where six of 10 square kilometers have spent centuries under the snow and ice only lasts the year “one day and one night,” but each extends six months , that the roads have signs announcing the passage of polar bears. That there is no crime, but that all residents have to take shooting lessons and almost all are armed to navigate the risk of a bad encounter with a bear. Recently explored in a post a giant ice island in northern Canada . Today we moved to northern Europe to discover the natural laws of Svalbard are unlike anything we know. In addition, despite its geographical location, the islands enjoy a relatively benign climate thanks to the Gulf Stream, which leaves room for some surprises.
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Human birth and dedication

birth and dedicationHumans are determined by four major milestones like birth, initiation, marriage, death. To some extent, it is peculiar to us – but only to a certain extent. For example, what we mean by “empowerment”? Issuance of a passport? Getting the school-leaving certificate? Adoption of the military oath? In any case, all these events – even the last – play in our lives much less important than the rite of passage in archaic societies.
On the other hand, the facts of birth and death meant to the archaic consciousness is not that for us. By the way, note: for primitive peoples – the same mammoth hunters – pregnancy is not linked directly with sexual intercourse. In their representations, the principal value of amulets had here, slander, eating special foods, and sometimes something completely random. The “random”, of course, only for us but not for people with archaic consciousness. For example, could be accidental is the fact that the spirit that lives in a stone or a tree, jumped into the woman’s body when she passed? .. Continue reading “Human birth and dedication”

The third message to mankind

HumanKOH gave the first call to 576 by ​​year Christmas residents at the time the largest in the world of Apuradhapura. The second message conveyed KOH in 711 inhabitants from the birth of Christ then the largest city on the American mainland Tkaatsetkoatl. This appeal to the KOH earthlings mostly identical to the first two on the content, composed in the main languages ​​of today’s Earth Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish. The text of the treatment adjusted to the current level of knowledge and misconceptions people on Earth. The aim of treatment is the holding at some future negotiations between the representatives of humanity, and representatives of the Coalition for the entry of humanity into the Coalition.
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Lost civilization – the coast of Antarctica

The Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Antarctica, the most real lost civilization: a community of living organisms, living in great depth at the source of warm water. According to leaders of this scientific expedition, the inhabitants live as if it came from another planet. We were very surprised when they suddenly discovered a community of animals, because they are very different from other living organisms, hot springs, which at the bottom of the Atlantic” – told the researchers, the publication Live Science. Among the inhabitants of the mysterious depths of the sea appeared, such as hairy crabs. Strange creatures are grown on the chest and legs whole colonies of bacteria that thrive in the mineral-rich water of hot springs. These bacteria feed on them and – more to the bottom of the ocean where no sunlight reaches, there is nothing. But do crabs, in turn, serve as food for sea stars with seven limbs of their victims that lie in wait at the edges of the sources. Professor John Copley of the University of Southampton, explained that the importance of the discovery consists in the fact that the submarine hot springs off the coast of Antarctica, no one had yet explored. According to him, scientists have only recently ventured to begin research in these dangerous latitudes. Sources themselves have found back in 1999, but the organization of a full-scale expedition took them over ten years.

Most ice and the Arctic-Antarctica

iceThe Board of Directors for Research of the Antarctic and the Arctic Research Institute, said that last year was for the Arctic – this extraordinary geographical area of the Earth too warm. The whole 2011 was the warmest for the last 50 years in the Arctic. Temperature anomalies were 4-5 degrees. There were already serious consequences of these changes “- shared their research scientists. The researchers added that some of the warming trends have occurred in Antarctica. But, according to scientists of the Institute of Geography RAS, when actually recorded a warming of planet Earth, the amount of ice on the southern continent is growing significantly. Continue reading “Most ice and the Arctic-Antarctica”

Receive a huge ice bridge

 icebergThe crack that appeared in the pack ice in the glacier Pine Island on the West Antarctic ice shield, and continues to expand, according to the researchers, should lead to the formation of the iceberg. Now its length is about 30 kilometers and a depth of 60 meters. Researchers at the U.S. space agency NASA suggest that the area of ​​the breakaway iceberg will be 880 square kilometers. A giant block of ice can fall into the ocean at the end of this year or early 2012. Pine Island – one of the largest and most mobile Antarctic glaciers that descend to the ocean. Scientists estimate there is formed about 10% of the iceberg of the West Antarctic ice sheet. Continue reading “Receive a huge ice bridge”

On Mars, saline springs found

marsAccording to scientists, the satellite MRO images let you see the mountain slopes, situated in the middle latitudes of the southern hemisphere of the Red Planet, the dark bands that increase in size during the spring and summer, and again disappear for the winter.
Geophysicist Phil Christensen commented as follows: “We knew before that there is ice on Mars, but the first time we have evidence that the planet is water, most likely, is salty, but the liquid. This is the key to everything. For the existence of living organisms, water – a necessary condition. Continue reading “On Mars, saline springs found”