Lost pyramids found on Google Earth ?

Angela Micol believes that she may have located several undiscovered pyramids in Egypt using Google. A ‘satellite archaeologist’, Micol uses tools such as Google Earth to help her identify possible archaeological sites that have otherwise gone unnoticed such as her discovery of a potentially undiscovered underwater city off the Yucatan Peninsula.

A lost world in the Arctic

The most northerly inhabited island in the world, which is a frozen desert where six of 10 square kilometers have spent centuries under the snow and ice only lasts the year “one day and one night,” but each extends six months , that the roads have signs announcing the passage of polar bears. That there… Read more A lost world in the Arctic

Human birth and dedication

Humans are determined by four major milestones like birth, initiation, marriage, death. To some extent, it is peculiar to us – but only to a certain extent. For example, what we mean by “empowerment”? Issuance of a passport? Getting the school-leaving certificate? Adoption of the military oath? In any case, all these events – even… Read more Human birth and dedication

The third message to mankind

KOH gave the first call to 576 by ​​year Christmas residents at the time the largest in the world of Apuradhapura. The second message conveyed KOH in 711 inhabitants from the birth of Christ then the largest city on the American mainland Tkaatsetkoatl. This appeal to the KOH earthlings mostly identical to the first two… Read more The third message to mankind