The lost city of Atlantis

Lost cityIt was a bountiful land, blessed by lush vegetation and the existence of valuable mineral deposits, including gold and silver. His people enjoyed a high scientific and cultural level. The name of that fabulous kingdom and its great city is Atlantis.

The only description of Atlantis has left us is the work of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, and dates back to 347. C. But even Plato is a firsthand witness; the philosopher did no more than repeat the stories written by an Athenian traveler, Solon , who then repeated what had nest count Egyptian priests. Continue reading “The lost city of Atlantis”

Chile found the lost city of the Incas

the IncasScientists have reviewed both known and previously unpublished documents and colonial maps, which provide clear evidence of the existence of an important center of the Inca civilization, which already existed in Santiago, when the Spaniards arrived.

Near the Mapocho River was a public square surrounded by houses, warehouses, dams and canals, which indicate a flourishing civilization. It was the residence of the mayor Killikanty running it in prehistoric times. A similar picture is presented in the report and Steberga Sotomayor published in January.
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Lost City of Helike

Lost CityThe end of the second century AD, the Greek historian Pausanias wrote an account of how (400-500 years ago) On a night a strong earthquake destroyed the great city of Helike, with a tsunami that swept what remained of the once thriving metropolis . The city, capital of the Achaean League, was a cult center dedicated to the god Poseidon, the ancient god of the sea. There was no trace of the society of the legendary city outside the ancient Greek writings until 1861, when an archaeologist found some bronze coin, of which an unmistakable head of Poseidon, the loot thought to come from Helike -. In 2001, a pair of archaeologists managed to locate the ruins of Helike under mud and gravel of the coast, and are currently trying to piece together the rise and sudden fall of what has been called the “real” Atlantis.