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111 year Briton said the key to longevity

 long lifeThe oldest inhabitant of Britain Nazar Singh, recently celebrated the 111th birthday, said that the secret of his longevity – a whiskey and healthy sleep and proper nutrition.

The pensioner, who came to England from India in 1965, in honor of the holiday drank a mug of beer and a glass of whiskey, reports Mirror.Son champion Cheyne Singh Gill said his father regularly drink milk and almond oil, eating fruit and sleeping nine hours. It is interesting that in the 111 years of life, the Briton had never made himself operations. Moreover, Nazar Singh managed to retain excellent hearing and a few of their own teeth. Read the rest of this entry »

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Human longevity and immortality Hydra meets the same gene

human FoxOGeneticists have discovered that the freshwater polyp Hydra remains forever young by constantly working gene FoxO, which is also found in humans. If in the future doctors will learn to control its operation, it will bring humanity to the problem of aging.
The research, carried out by German experts from Keele University, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

It is known that the hydra do not reproduce sexually and by budding. Therefore, in their bodies, there are always active stem cells, ready to give rise to different tissues in the event that the hydra will cut into pieces or she will begin to asexual reproduction. Scientists have suggested that the presence of stem cells in the bodies of polyps may be related to gene expression FoxO.
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Vitamin D + Calcium – recipe for longevity

Vitamin DThe Endocrine Society shows that if you take vitamin D with calcium, it reduces the level of mortality in elderly people, and, therefore, increases the duration of their lives.

During the last decade a growing recognition in terms of improving health receives vitamin D. It is well known that calcium supplements in combination with vitamin D reduces the risk of fractures.
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Female 125 years confessed his secret to longevity

 longevitySecret to longevity has been a well coveted by mankind for millennia. Science, magic, and some other disciplines have devoted substantial energies to the pursuit of this Chalice, but until now has been found, or at least revealed the prized secret.

Fulla Nayak recently died at 125 years in his native Kanapur, Orissa. According to some, she was the oldest woman in the world, which is why one of her grandsons asked, a couple of weeks, a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records. And before he died, when asked about his secret for 25 years having passed the century of existence, she agreed to reveal: to smoke marijuana regularly.
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