Pederast Vivienne’s en California e1336840341715 300×199 Pederast Vivienne’s en California One of the most interesting mysteries of history is happening at Racetrack Play a positioned i  Death Valley California,USA the rocks are in place slide alone several miles away. The rocks leave behind them a long trail; some of these stones weigh more than 100 kg. It is a fact that occurs more than 50 existences ago without methodical illumination.

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Scientists accept as true there is no living on Mars

Mars lifePerhaps someone will be disappointed, but the next mission to Mars will not be devoted to the search for life on the Red Planet. Ninth July representatives of NASA, it was stated that the scientific program of the rover planned for launch in 2020, does not provide for searching the currently existing forms of life.

We have no clear direction of where it should look for even the most primitive organisms that can survive in such harsh conditions. To invest in such technologies would be foolhardy, Told reporters professor John Masterd.

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Trovanty living stones Romania

Stone LivingThe central and southern Romania, away from the cities, there are amazing stones. The locals have even invented a special name for them – trovanty. These stones may not only rise, but also … multiply.

In most cases, these stones are round or streamlined shape and no sharp chips. In appearance they are not much different from any other boulders, of which a lot of these places. But after the rain begins to happen with trovantami something incredible: they are like mushrooms, grow and are taken to increase in size.

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Living Stones among us

StoneThe surrounding nature life glimmers in all including the Earth itself, the other planets in the Solar System and the Sun, as well as distant stars and planets in the universe, including the movement of the stones in the space of the cosmos.

Therefore, as I see it, the most common everywhere and all life forms were based on … silicon and calcium. This flint-calcium inhabited world is familiar with stones from the sand to the multi-ton boulders and high mountains. Representatives of flint-calcium world transformed into plants and animal skeletons, including corals.
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10 basic types of living creatures, opened in 2009

living ,creaturesScientists from the International Institute for Research on species selected 10 major species of living creatures, opened in 2009. Photos and brief description of winners can be found on the website of the University of Arizona, on the basis of which is based institute.

Among the main species caught seven animals, one mushroom and two plants. Plants are in this top ten, became a predator Nepenthes Attenborough, which catches insects in a special funnel-sized ball for American football, and edible Madagascar potato Dioscorea orangeana, root of which is divided into several fractions, so that looks a lot like an udder. Selected scholars fungus is Phallus drewesii.
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