The world in which we live.

WorldThe greatest deception of mankind. Describe your point of view, if what I write – will seem awkward than that. World – a single unit in nature. Everything is interconnected and mutually coexist. However, in this hectic there are people. And we as a species, not really even get on. No matter who understands the world – wrong or not – we are all responsible for each other, not just for themselves. Nevertheless, many believe that their world – is that something separate – his own. You know I’m so tired of this belief, I want freedom, it would seem impossible – peace. Peace in the sense that everything is in harmony and mutual understanding in the chain is connected. But instead, I see a lack of understanding in our common world-people-constant misunderstandings and fears.

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How long a person can live without food and water?

live without food Without the existence of water can lead to very serious consequences than the refusal of food. In hot weather without water a person can die in just a few hours from dehydration. Man, water is needed to maintain all vital processes in the body. Water is removed from the body through urine, sweat, feces, and even breathing. This process is necessary for our bodies. On a hot day the adult only then goes together with about 1.5 liters of water. The worst thing is that in the heat of the body temperature is increasing and if the body is not enough water, the person can die from heat stroke. Water in this case the body cools and reduces the temperature of the body. The first signs of dehydration: The drying of the mouth infrequent urination urine becomes darker in color and takes a sharp smell Moderate dehydration:

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Strangest of places where people live person

amazing placesAn amazing creature it can survive in the harshest conditions. But some people manage to not only survive, but to live for years in a very unusual places. Hanging monasteries , caves , bridges , houses made of stone … In this issue you will find dozens of unusual places where you have lived or are living lyudi.

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Biologists have found microbes that can live on Mars

MarsDiscovery made foreign biologists– they have found microorganisms that are capable to breathe heavily concentrated with poisonous “Martian”. Biologists have found that one of the known species of Archaea, unicellular microorganisms — is able to “breathe freely” perforation that is a compound of oxygen and chlorine that were discovered on the distant Mars and for a long time considered to be very poisonous to many living things. Continue reading “Biologists have found microbes that can live on Mars”