Quantum theory and also the uncommon nature of light

lightningAccording to the scientific purpose of read, the ghost – a full of life bunch, reasonably plasmid. now ought to stipulate that atheistic science never thought of a ghost because the item of study a genuine complete science involves its analysis and supernatural world, together with such recent because the world, phenomena like ghosts and apparitions.

scientific theory comes from the actual fact that the ghosts – consists of bound universal particle formation, that manifest themselves in bound interactions with objects and phenomena of the fabric world. Quanta purportedly produce a ghost due to its uncommon nature, doesn’t work into our customary notions of area and time. Continue reading “Quantum theory and also the uncommon nature of light”

How discovered the speed of light?

life of speed

The opening of the speed of light is rightfully Danish astronomer Ole Roemer. Since 1671, he and his colleagues observed an eclipse of one of Jupiter’s moons – Io. At that time it was already well established that Io makes its full revolution around the planet Jupiter for 42.5 hours. But observations showed inconsistency: depending on the time of year because of Jupiter’s Io appeared then later, then before.

The merit of an astronomer is that he realized that this phenomenon is not related to the rotation of Io around Jupiter, and is associated with the rotation of the Earth around the Sun and Jupiter. It was found that the closer the Earth was close to Io, the sooner she appeared, and, conversely, the greater the distance between them, the greater the Io “late” because of the s

ound of Jupiter. Continue reading “How discovered the speed of light?”

Zodiacal light will soon appear in the sky

Rare zodiacal light will soon appear in the night sky. The weak glow of tiny dust particles from the solar system, which stretches along the ecliptic, in the Zodiac, is difficult to observe.

Proper selection of the conditions of observation may allow many amateur astronomers to see in the night sky dim glow of interplanetary dust.
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Horned dinosaurs has shed light on the evolution

dinosaursDinosaur with a spiked head that roam Canada 78 million years ago, was the oldest horned reptile, found in North America.

Herbivore named Xenoceratops foremostensis, which translated from Latin means “Foremost of rogatolitsy alien” (that is, a small town near which in 1958 found the first fossils).

Like its more famous relative Triceratops, who lived 15 million years later, in the last days of the dinosaurs, ksenotseratops kopepodobnye had long horns sticking straight from the forehead, and a thyroid collar, formerly continuation skull. However, in contrast to the triceratops, the ksenotseratopsa were also horns on his collar.
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Christmas or the birth of light

ChristmasAll teachings of deliverance, all roads have beginning ultimately, a single goal-the liberation of man from time axes formed a polar consciousness, and show the tiny eye of the needle facing this .

This path of liberation is not nearby to all people, is not suitable for everyone. It is a way of training, training well aware that employs techniques and systems to achieve the goal of enlightenment and awakening. Because this way of initiation is not suitable for everyone from the same ancient knowledge has been passed in an accessible way through another path-the myth.
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Physicists have learned to bend the rays of light from any angle

Rays, LightPhysicists in Israel and France was forced to bend a beam of light at any angle without external influence. A unique discovery will be used in various fields, from industrial production to biophysical research.

Everyone knows that light can propagate rectilinearly and refracted. With the latter phenomenon we encounter, for example, when we put a straw in a glass of cocktail. Straw seems broken at the boundary of water and air. This optical illusion occurs because the index of refraction of light in water and air are not the same.
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Light in the depths

Light,depthsThe rays were not straight, but concave on the other side, where the turning. The whole system is moving, reducing the rotational speed, and finally disappeared. This phenomenon lasted for about fifteen minutes … The width of the beams in contact with the rim reached about 2 m, the dark intervals twice as wide. Here is an excerpt from the book by N. Tarasova: “A Boat” Chindvara “September 30, 1926 23 55 ‘. Sh. And 56 of the 55’ long.) Witnessed a very fast, very bright light rotation counterclockwise. It seemed that the powerful searchlight illuminates from under the water. The light was so strong that even the lights were not visible in front of the ship. Continue reading “Light in the depths”