Life will be beautiful…

Life , beautifulWhat will happen to us and to our planet in 30 -50 years? The Earth remains about 65 million people, who will reveal their potential – the divine, the brain is 100% operational and there will be a golden age.

There will be no borders and money. All the evil going extinct and never rejoice in the world. Drug addiction, alcoholism and smoking will disappear.

People will acquire all the knowledge, including and 1C, which store for us magicians. And basically remain the best of earthlings on spiritual and mental concepts.
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Love – a feeling of freedom and fullness of life.

LoveGuess where I am? She said she was going to St. Petersburg, But he suddenly felt that she was not there. “You are in Goal, where water and sand … – traces of the hot hand. Where the last ten days of love God gave us. “Yes. She listened to the lyrics to his song. “I can not forget, do not forget it …” — This pain the love that we have done together. I’m just going crazy…

Time stood still that night. Time passed, and the pain went away… As if the world is infinite.

Love … is a feeling of freedom and fullness of life… full confidence and desire to understand and accept their other half – for what it is …

The most beautiful woman – a favorite, she does not need boots and rejuvenation. Her eyes were shining, and the skin becomes transparent, and all over her body felt the magic attraction. Confidence and understanding… When you are filled with this sense of beauty and magic… To love is difficult … but well..

Found the remains of extraterrestrial life

extraterrestrial, lifeThe Scientific Center of Russia’s planetary protection NGOs behalf Lavochkin Evgeniy Dmitriev found fragments of fossils of living creatures in the field falling to the ground and Krasnoturanskogo the Tunguska meteorite. According to researchers, this fact proves the existence of extraterrestrial life., in the course of research in the areas falling heavenly bodies he found a special substance – strimerglasy. Substances that were originally adopted for the slag, in appearance reminded green bottle glass, he added.
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Life on Earth evolved under the ground

Strictly speaking, the hypothesis that the first cells originated not in the seas, and somewhere in the faults of the crust itself is not new. Drilling of deep and ultra deep wells has allowed geologists to conclude that the bowels of the planet does not consist of a continuous layer of granite or basalt: they are down to depths of several kilometers are everywhere signs of active processes. Along the cracks of rocks moved saturated solutions of mineral salts, they can detect various gases, and some researchers even inclined to believe that at great depths can be formed from the emissions of the mantle gas oil. Continue reading “Life on Earth evolved under the ground”

Eight of evidence of extraterrestrial life

There are scientific facts, indirectly confirming that we are not alone in the universe.

1. As early as 1976 in samples of rock taken from the surface of Mars, were found a substance similar to the wastes of living organisms. Repeated tests have not confirmed the result.

2. In 1977, the University of Ohio (Ohio State University) radio telescope recorded an unidentified signal from the constellation of Sagittarius, lasting 37 seconds. Channel signal passed through 220 million light years away, is unknown.
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Under the microscope : Droplets life

The tiniest of living organisms called protozoa, and protozoa. Some of them are barely visible to the naked eye, but most are microscopic in size. That is why they are studied under a microscope.

The representative of the simplest, such as amoeba, consists of a tiny drop of jelly-like fluid called the protoplasm. This drop of protoplasm is separated from the water in which living amoeba, very thin membrane. Protoplasm, separated by a membrane from the external environment, is called a cell.
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