Earth the labor colony with life imprisonment

Old LifeThe information war will determine the fate of all lyudey. Sozhalenie apparent disregard for the facts of the invasion will feel all living young people perceive this kind of information as a fiction. in the universe there is enough time to develop sily.V parasitic nature they adhere to all living organisms, but as always, they are unable to control themselves and their razmnozhenie. Etim must deal with their victims. At this, all the human case, it seemed, would be easy, we are reasonable, but it’s just not rabotaet. Nas lead Medley long and we gradually get used to. Our parasites billions of years old, they understand that ostayuchis invisible, you can spend at least clover thousands of lives. Seasons with loud wars and direct capture long konchilis. Continue reading “Earth the labor colony with life imprisonment”

A woman for life was trapped in the body of a child

A very rare genetic disorder was the reason that a 20-year-old girl who wears baby clothes and weighs only 19 pounds, will forever remain five years old.

Lakshmi Yadev has not changed since the age of five. Now the growth of the 20-year-old girl is only 98 centimeters. She weighs 19 kilograms and wears clothes designed for six-year olds.

A rare genetic disorder caused that Lakshmi stopped growing 15 years ago. Girl resigned to the idea that the rest of her life she will have to live trapped in the body of the child.
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Life on Mars-What it will be like?

MarsThe first flight to Mars has attracted more than 78,000 applicants for only two weeks of applying. Thus, if the flight is successful, what will happen to those who will be selected for the flight? Is it dangerous? Life on Mars is comparable to the promotion of the Antarctica, with similar problems, according to the Mars One. The average temperature is -50 degrees Celsius (-58 F). The colonization of Mars will be developed in a similar way as on the basis of the research, and on the cold continent were created livelihoods. Based on the solar panels will be used for energy, and will be re-used as much as possible materials. Continue reading “Life on Mars-What it will be like?”

Origin of life-And a man came out of the water

History of lifeNumerous data accumulated in anthropology, suggests that human ancestors were living in the water. And today people have kept at least at the initial stage of its development, the evidence speaks for “water” ancestors of mankind.

Prior to his birth nine months a child spends in the amniotic fluid. And in the first weeks of pregnancy the fetus has gill slits and a tail. Sometimes newborn children have a serious disease, ichthyoids, and the observed changes in the skin, and the skin of infants in structure resembles fish scales.

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Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence

civilizationsThe chemical composition of stars in our galaxy. Used as data on the known explanted, and got a few different estimates. According to them, the Milky Way can be from 300 to 38,000 Advanced civilizations that have the potential to establish contact with Earth.

For modeling Forgan real data on the distribution of stars of mass, luminosity, and the situation in our Galaxy. After that, specially written program has created a number of virtual stars of a certain number of planets. Continue reading “Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence”

Scientists think in the life of aliens

aliensThe milky Way galaxy is so huge that there is no doubt that aliens exist – that is the opinion of the famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku (Michio Kaku). Scientist firmly defends its position in response to the availability of extra-terrestrial life.

“Some respected professors and ministers of science say that in all likelihood we are the only life form in the universe. But hey, give a break! Think – how many stars, unless the Hubble Space Telescope can see about a hundred billion galaxies. But this is only the visible Universe “- says theoretical physicist.
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Found the source of the origin of life On Mars

life on marsThe scientists concluded that Mars has the potential for the emergence and existence of life. Experts do not exclude the presence of water on Mars in the form of a concentrated brine. In similar conditions on Earth live bacteria.

The question of life on Mars was discussed in Los Angeles at a scientific conference at UCLA.
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Mermaids life in water

fishmanThe origin of life on Earth was in the water, and in the process of evolutionary development of water being constantly improved. Modern science has completely agree with the fact that man’s ancestors lived in the water element. However, so far there is no consensus about whether there was (and maybe still is) a highly developed civilization ichthyologist people.

, siren, undone, Vila, sous-kz, merrow – all names for the same unusual aquatics in the languages ​​of different people. For information about meetings with mermaids found in the ancient epic, and a description of the external characteristics of these creatures in the legends of the world remarkably similar. Continue reading “Mermaids life in water”

Seven good reasons for which the other planets can be life

planetsA very believable and compelling reason to believe that in time we will find that life can be, even in our own planetary system. Here are seven reasons why scientists believe that life certainly exists somewhere and just waiting for meeting with us. Maybe it will not be green-skinned ladies in flying saucers, but it will still be aliens.
1. Extremophiles on Earth
A key question is, can exist and develop life in worlds radically different from Earth. It seems the answer is yes, if we think of the fact that even on this planet, there are extremophiles, or organisms that can survive in the extreme conditions of heat, cold, exposure to toxic (to us), chemicals, and even in a vacuum. Continue reading “Seven good reasons for which the other planets can be life”

How Gratitude Can Improve Your Life

LifeThe Christmas and new year begins, good things, however small, are happening.

Loved one got a new job in San Francisco. In Charlottesville, a canceled reservation allowed someone else to get a seat on a sold-out train and arrive in time for a wedding. The storybook characters Pooh and Piglet made someone in East Sussex, England, happy, and in Colorado Springs, ever-reliable bacon brightened someone’s day.
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