Life in two dimensions

LIFEA man’s life can be divided into two phases – a dream and reality. With reality are all iliar, it surrounds us, when we do not sleep, daily activities and think that here it is real life. But few people thought likely that the same is a dream, it’s an alternative reality or an illusion created by the brain during the holidays.

Since ancient times, dreams attributed mystical properties. Some have argued that dreams are a journey into the future or the past, others have argued that in dreams “are spirits”, others argue that the dream is only part of the process occurring in the human body, but is that I now try to understand. Continue reading “Life in two dimensions”

Our galaxy contains more than 100 million planets suitable for life

 planetsOur galaxy contains more than 100 million planets suitable for life if we want to find extraterrestrial life, it must first address the question of where we should look. Almost every day, astronomers discover new planet and try to determine the option of having them on the water in liquid form.

After all, the water, according to scientists, could be an indicator of what the planet can support life. In addition, scientists are trying to study the composition of each new discovered planet, its density and size. Also important is the determination of whether the planet is potentially within the habitable zone of its star. Continue reading “Our galaxy contains more than 100 million planets suitable for life”

Much food and water you need a year of life on Mars?

MarsHow much a person eats for two years? based on the data of previous and current missions to a nearby planet to us, a trip to Mars may well take six months to get there, and six months to get back. Therefore, if you plan to stay on the red planet for a year to write the book there or conduct research, count on your two years of interplanetary travel.

Typical male weighing 91 pounds, which performs daily exercise, based on such a diet every day: 2,500 calories 83 grams of fat 60 grams protein 25 grams of fiber a wide range of vitamins and minerals Typical woman requires less so in principle it is possible to guess. Continue reading “Much food and water you need a year of life on Mars?”

Why is there life?

Our liveLife is amazing, one of her amazing appearance, good for the emergence of the genetic code of your reader, difficulty levels, and for other calculations, you need to almost ten billion years, and it is longer than the life of the Earth. That is, we were lucky. But there is an alternative point of view.

Say, for physics England Jeremy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (America) the origin of life as predictable as a tendency to fall down the stone. Continue reading “Why is there life?”

Happiness in the life of insects

 insectsMany people living ants and bees seem exemplary. But is it wise to such a representation. Here is an example of the life of insects, from book to book.

Insect at metamorphosis occurs through disordering: becomes cloudy liquid. Then this turbid liquid fairly quickly rebuilt into a butterfly. And, if carefully select part of the milky liquid, the remainder still provide a process of change. Appears full insect, only smaller. In principle, this is not surprising. And chrysalis and butterfly composed of the same cells. Switching action occurs coherent cells from one system to another. This reflects the essence of metamorphosis. Continue reading “Happiness in the life of insects”

The world in which we live.

WorldThe greatest deception of mankind. Describe your point of view, if what I write – will seem awkward than that. World – a single unit in nature. Everything is interconnected and mutually coexist. However, in this hectic there are people. And we as a species, not really even get on. No matter who understands the world – wrong or not – we are all responsible for each other, not just for themselves. Nevertheless, many believe that their world – is that something separate – his own. You know I’m so tired of this belief, I want freedom, it would seem impossible – peace. Peace in the sense that everything is in harmony and mutual understanding in the chain is connected. But instead, I see a lack of understanding in our common world-people-constant misunderstandings and fears.

Continue reading “The world in which we live.”

NASA beating life on the moon

GalaxyThe former employees of NASA by Richard C. Hoagland and Ken Johnston held several press conference. According to them, the leading space organization of the world for more than 40 years of hiding the truth about what the astronauts mission Apollo on the Moon found traces of an ancient civilization. Crystal Towers of the Moon greatest detail his views on the problem of the lunar architecture and man-made artifacts Richard Hoagland expounds on the pages of his book Dark Mission. Artifacts there devotes an entire chapter – The Crystal Towers of the Moon. Armed with the latest technology, Hoagland has been analyze satellite images of the outside. These are the photos that have been received U.S. manned mission Apollo and automatic research aids.

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The kid talked about his past life

LifeA huge grain of salt belong to any kind of mysterious and unexplained phenomena, but something happened that made my husband and I strongly think about the supernatural in our lives and about life in general. Our son was a little over two years, when it happened. To say it was pretty late. At least we thought so against the background of his peers, who already being talked and expressed almost hard-compound sentences. And our continued Nikita molchat. Zagovoril it exactly two years, at once, a lot and clearly pronouncing every sound and very correct.
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Hunter saved his life by shooting Chupacabra

Shooting Chupacabra County resident Leaked,Mississippi, said that he shot the legendary creature – Chupacabra and thus confirmed that it is quite real, and not a myth, experts believe. Hunter Matthew Harrell encountered a strange creature in the inspection of the chicken coop. Shortly before this incident my neighbor told me that a creature has killed three of his chickens. So I decided to check my chicken coop, believing that birds strangled raccoon. Continue reading “Hunter saved his life by shooting Chupacabra”

Finding life on Mars

MarsLife on Mars? This question is maddening, forced to put forward conceivable theory of the cosmos lovers. Each of us thought about the possibility of the presence of living organisms on the red planet. Modern science gives us clues to the mystery. Understanding Mars Mars – so close and so mysterious planet, the atmosphere of Mars is low. On Mars, the evolution took place, according to the laws of physics and chemistry. Hydrogen, reacting with metals, forms the core of the planet. Seeping through lithosphere hydrogen binds with oxygen and carbon, because the water formed. Continue reading “Finding life on Mars”