The historical legends of the Castle of the White Heron

Legend of White HeronTokyo– an indispensable element in the cultural program of any tourist. Already on the way to the mountain Hime becomes clear why the castle was called the White Heron. The white walls, the corners of roofs, aspiring upward surprising harmony with the landscape – all this makes me think of a graceful bird, finished just about to break in flight. 

Most peaceful fortress

All in the castle permeated harmony. Even the date of its construction – 1333 – is striking in its beauty. However, he thought as a regular fortress in which they lived samurai clans. Continue reading “The historical legends of the Castle of the White Heron”

Legends and Facts: Olympics-80

OlympicsThe majority of the Soviet people stereotype that the Olympics-80 was of great importance for the country, and our government has long sought the honor to host athletes from around the world. However, this is not true. 

The decision to hold the next Olympics in Moscow was made in 1974 at a session of the International Olympic Committee in Vienna. But a year later the General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev wrote the following note to his colleague Konstantin Chernenko:

There is this huge event money.Maybe we should reconsider the issue and refuse to host the Olympics … In the huge costs … may be all sorts of scandals that could tarnish the Soviet Union…

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Legends of the inhabitants of the sea

Under waterA  multi-colored creature: the head, hands and feet – purple and the skin, Draped like a cloak – gray and phosphorescent – described the underwater inhabitant in a science fiction story, “In the depths” noted Wells. If the writer in this small work just gave free rein to his imagination, the Japanese fishermen are quite sure that in the coastal waters of Japan live humanoid amphibians. Call them kappa, and on the back of their shell, like a turtle.

 Not only in Japan, can talk about the mysterious underwater inhabitants, the mention of them be found in the myths of many peoples of the world. On clay tablets of ancient Sumer, for example, are mentioned race poluryba half people that live in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Continue reading “Legends of the inhabitants of the sea”

Where did the Phoenix?

PhoenixPhoenix a bird is in the ancient legends of the American Indians, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom, the inhabitants of the Nile Delta and in the Urals? Under what names she disguised in different people, and if she has a real prototype? Or perhaps, “the phoenix bird” – is something figurative, not related to ornithology? – Systematize their knowledge, get acquainted with the living phoenix and unwittingly ironic about how you can use the old fairy tale for political and religious fanaticism.

Go through the known facts, to brush up on the point. So, the phoenix – the legendary bird of the myths of different cultures, often of isolated deserts and oceans.
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Legends Shamborskogo castle

Shamborskogo castleThe world famous castles of the Loire Valley. Rooms in it than days of the year – 440, and that all the way around them, take a few hours …

With Shambolic lock bind names of Leonardo da Vinci, the mysterious Comte Saint-Germain and many other famous personalities. Lands, where now is the lock in X century. Owned by Count of Blois, Champagne and Chatillon. In 1392, they were acquired by the Duke Louis of Orleans, and when he ascended the throne under the name of Louis XII, became the property of the French crown. Continue reading “Legends Shamborskogo castle”

Reality or fiction-Legends about mermaids

Mermaids existed since time immemorial. There are those that account for thousands of years. For whatever reason, they are still alive? This is not only a long history. There are witnesses among our contemporaries, that they have the experience of contact with the mermaids.

Here is an example of how this relates to all the well-known people – Andrei Makarevich.
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The memory is recorded in legends and myths

oceanThe tradition of a great flood, as explained in the Bible, is also shared by the Sumerian traditions, Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, in different cultures of the Mediterranean, and American cultures in the India and China. The stories of a great flood and survival, by building a ship, of people chosen by the gods, spread to Asia through the great caravan routes. But it is difficult to explain the similarity between the ancient Celtic legends and Norwegian. Even more difficult to explain that the American Indians of the New World have their own legends about the flood, which states that their salvation was due to their new land came sailing from the East.
Hence, by studying these legends, there is a clear and surprising fact: all cultures seem to tell the same story. It is natural that the Mediterranean peoples have preserved a tradition about a common disaster, but how the Indians would have reached the American continents to know and have almost identical captions? Continue reading “The memory is recorded in legends and myths”

Legends of the “Bird City”

CityThe land of Buddha statues sticking out, covered with inscriptions and bas-reliefs and paintings are enormous stones with traces of processing mysterious ancient masters. One gets the feeling that a high hill on which stood a man, thoroughly composed of these things.
In our legends, a place called Borobudur – “Temple of multiple Buddhas” – said the servant. – No one believed that he actually exists.
Okay, back to this, as it is … in your “Bird City”, and later to send our soldiers, even digging up everything in search of gold, – he gave the military command, and began the descent to the foot of the hill.
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The theory of the origin of the legends about vampires

 legends, vampiresItalian archaeologist from Italy Matteo Borrini proposed the theory of the origin of superstitions about vampires. According to a scientist, an ancient belief arose from the fact that in those days, people are poorly conceived, as decomposing corpses.

Matteo Borrini in 2009 discovered the body of a vampire in a mass grave of victims of the plague in Venice. Rather, they discovered the skull of a woman with a mouth stuffed with a brick. This is normal procedure, to which recourse in the Middle Ages, to get rid of a vampire.
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Werewolfs and legends

October 14, 1998 Brazilian researcher of anomalous phenomena Vittorio Pakachini arrived in the town of Sete Lagoas, to meet with two amateur cave explorers. According to them, they saw the mysterious creature chupacabra in a limestone cave in the mountains of Cerrado Espinhako. It happened Oct. 1 at a depth of 150 meters. Frightened by the intensity of the lanterns, being hidden in one of the side aisles. To verify the authenticity of the story Pakachini went into the cave with cave explorers. The descent was very difficult and dangerous. A few hours later, researchers reached the underground gallery at a depth of 150 meters. It was at this moment one of mine heard a strange grinding. “It seemed as if someone pulled up himself up, peering into the walls of the shaft with sharp claws,” – told Pakachini. The sound drew near, and here is one of the cavers could not resist and threw it into the darkness of his lantern. Panicked, Pakachini pulled out a pistol, but not fired, because the sounds ceased. Swept all fear caused people to rush to the surface.
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