St. George

St. George. According to ancient legends, they were designed to protect against the evil eye and causing damage. Snake-like demon image taken literally, but the character who would punish him, correlated with some saint. For example, in Belarus says conspiracies about Saint George, were amazed as the serpent demon, “Yuri Ezdiv the mountains, by the… Read more St. George

King Solomon

Legends say that King Solomon, renowned for its propensity for witchcraft, had a very powerful amulet. In the legends he is called “Solomon’s seal“, this was an amulet that gave power over demons. With this printing Solomon elicited a demon name of the angel, whom he feared, and then ordered the demon to hang the… Read more King Solomon

Michel Nostradamus – Predictor of nuclear nightmare

The most notable person, up to kings, considered it an honor to chat and make friends with Michel Nostradamus. It was called “God’s chosen prophet.” And it really is not an exaggeration. For his contemporaries and descendants Nostradamus was and remains a mysterious figure, a magician, for which, it seemed, there was no boundaries of… Read more Michel Nostradamus – Predictor of nuclear nightmare


Druids; English explorer culture of primitive peoples Spencer Lewis in his “magical mystery Britain” notes that the mascots used in the rites of the Druids are the most important attributes of the pre-Christian Celtic religion. Each charm had its impacts, “responsible” for their course. According to the ancient teachings of the human body, there are… Read more Druids

The time of King David

The Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University (Israel) and his colleagues first found the objects of the Jewish cult of the time of King David. In the excavations at Khirbet Keyyafe – Jewish fortress in the Valley of Elah – the specialists have found a lot of pottery, tools of stone and metal, as… Read more The time of King David