Rocks are always Trembling: a Tower-Shaped Strange Rock in the US

Huge sandstone steeple castleton tower in utah. Researchers at the University of Utah measured the vibration characteristics in detail for the first time. The resonance frequency of the tower found in the survey is an important key to predicting the rock’s response to disturbances such as earthquakes.

Castleton tower, a columnar rock towering in utah. The vibration characteristics of this sandstone layer were first measured in detail by utah experts using seismological techniques. Continue reading “Rocks are always Trembling: a Tower-Shaped Strange Rock in the US”

Archaeologists found the tomb of a legend

TombArchaeologists found the tomb of legend.  In carrying out excavations by archaeologists had discovered the tomb of Shangguan Wan.  This woman for several centuries was something of a legend, was considered the most influential women.

Shangguan lived at a time when the wheel of government the country was the Tang Dynasty.  For a long time the woman was a confidant of the Chinese Empress Wu Tse Tien something like a modern Prime Ministers.

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Mummy “Altai Princess” were returned to their homeland after 17 years of negotiations

An ancient Mummy, named “Altai Princess“, on Thursday arrived by helicopter from Novosibirsk in Republic Altai, Interfax reported citing the press service of the Government of the region.

“Just landed at the airport in Gorno-altaisk, the flight was normal,” the spokesman said.

Immediately after landing, the Mummy will be delivered to the Museum. Continue reading “Mummy “Altai Princess” were returned to their homeland after 17 years of negotiations”

Wang about humanity and the cosmos

We can see how people interpret the prophecies that have been given in the past century. These prophecies are often very abstract and seem to say something completely different, but people do it seers statements attributed to the events and experiences that come to pass in front of them. This we can see by the example of quatrains of Nostradamus, so cleverly translated, that their original meaning may have lost. However, with the visionaries of the past – one thing, while the other thing – the prophets of the present, including, certainly, the all famous Wang. She said simply, and the translation is not needed. Continue reading “Wang about humanity and the cosmos”

St. George

St. George. According to ancient legends, they were designed to protect against the evil eye and causing damage. Snake-like demon image taken literally, but the character who would punish him, correlated with some saint. For example, in Belarus says conspiracies about Saint George, were amazed as the serpent demon, “Yuri Ezdiv the mountains, by the Inter on zyaleznyh Strumen, beats a spear and creeping thing, and Gadin …” Then be sure to specify the names of snakes, as depicted on the amulet . Since plots were used together with amulets to increase the influence of the latter. Continue reading “St. George”

King Solomon

Legends say that King Solomon, renowned for its propensity for witchcraft, had a very powerful amulet. In the legends he is called Solomon’s seal, this was an amulet that gave power over demons. With this printing Solomon elicited a demon name of the angel, whom he feared, and then ordered the demon to hang the gates of the temple. From the legend that the primary was still very amulet, and the inscriptions on it – are secondary. On amulets, appeared later and like Solomon print depicting demons, against which acted amulet or himself Solomon. Besides images, the amulet could contain so-called sacred writings – the names of the angels, or spells, which mentioned the names. And most importantly, that contained Solomon’s seal – this image of defeat and the death of an evil spirit or demon. For example, on the amulet could be portrayed Solomon on horseback, striking his sword demon in disguise zmei. Continue reading “King Solomon”

How did the amulets and talismans?

Origins of amulets need to search and mists covered with darkness and mystery. The first person who decided that the raised stone or torn grass brought him luck, and remained unknown to science. But after this ancestor already many thousands of people continue to believe in the power of talismans and amulets. As we have mentioned, first of amulet could play any rough object. But time passed, and charms became more complicated. Primitive forms of nature ceased to meet the person and charms are made of. In addition, more and more complex their role. Continue reading “How did the amulets and talismans?”

Michel Nostradamus – Predictor of nuclear nightmare

The most notable person, up to kings, considered it an honor to chat and make friends with Michel Nostradamus. It was called “God’s chosen prophet.” And it really is not an exaggeration. For his contemporaries and descendants Nostradamus was and remains a mysterious figure, a magician, for which, it seemed, there was no boundaries of time and space.

Michelle was born in 1503 in the French town of San Remy. His father, a notary, a baptized Jew. Most relatives of Nostradamus differed a great scholar, and one of the grandfathers, the doctor, was an advisor of King. Continue reading “Michel Nostradamus – Predictor of nuclear nightmare”


Druids; English explorer culture of primitive peoples Spencer Lewis in his “magical mystery Britain” notes that the mascots used in the rites of the Druids are the most important attributes of the pre-Christian Celtic religion.

Each charm had its impacts, “responsible” for their course. According to the ancient teachings of the human body, there are special energy bands. In India, these areas are called chakras, druids call them centers of magical power, and each of them was connected his amulet and talisman. Continue reading “Druids”

Eight Icy landscapes that hard to believe

I select these places and photos, I can not think another thought to think “if it were not a photographer I guarantee they are real, believe they are a montage done in Photoshop. A glacier in Chile with colors and tones that seem painted, a lake that look like iceberg or glacier sculpture that looks like a frozen sea, Iceland, Norway icy plains, a giant island in the Arctic ice, or glacier building a natural dam collapses while in Argentina. Are some frozen landscapes scattered throughout the world, mostly to remote and elusive to access, but any of them I think, justify the title of the post.
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