World’s largest solar plant

solar plantSolar City which is owned by American billionaire Elon Musk, bought manufacturer of inexpensive but high-performance solar cells Silevo. The deal promise Solar City serious revision of prices for solar panels due to the huge economy of scale, said in a statement on the official website of the company.

Solar City has initiated talks with the government of New York State on the construction of the first production facilities. According to Solar City, negotiations began to purchase Silevo. In the next few years with the help of solar power company expects to receive more than 1 GW of energy, making it one of the largest energy producers in the world. Continue reading “World’s largest solar plant”

Discover the largest brothel in Europe

brothelAustrian businessman Peter Laskaris (Peter Laskaris) has announced plans to invest nearly $ 20 million in construction and equipment of the largest brothel in Europe, writes The Daily Telegraph.

Institution under the working title Fun Motel will be able to take up to a thousand visitors a day. At guests’ disposal are 147 rooms and one hundred and fifty employees. Before the brothel will be open parking for 350 cars and a special place for buses. The whole complex is to enclose the three-meter opaque fence to preserve client confidentiality.
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Discovered one of the largest in the history of European treasures

history treasuresJersey the British island of two amateur archaeologists discovered one of the largest in the history of European treasures. The total weight of the lessons from its hiding place tens of thousands of gold and silver coins up to 3/4 ton.

According to experts, the discovery of more than 2000 years. The discovered coins, dating from about the 50th year of BC, were in circulation in the Celtic tribe koriozolitov who inhabited the north of modern Brittany.
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Scientists unraveling the secrets of the largest mound

largest ,moundThe funds of the British Library found a letter in 1776, shed light on the importance attached to the ancient inhabitants of England mound Silbury Hill (Silbury Hill).

Writes The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald, in a letter to the XVIII century archaeologist Dreks Edward (Edward Drax) reported that on-site mound earlier, in all probability, was an oak totem pole.

In 1776 Dreks hired diggers to dig approximately 40-meter shaft to the top of Silbury Hill before its foundation. At a depth of approximately 30 meters revealed a cavity 15 centimeters in diameter, leaving deep and reaching, apparently, the ground level. Dreks in his letter to his friend, Lord Rivers, suggests that this cavity – next pillar, around which was casting up Chalk Hill.
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