All of humanity speaks the same language

All of humanity However remember the story of the Tower of Babel, before the construction of which all people were talking the same language, but the angry gods, lost this ability for good. An international team of scientist’s linguists that included representatives of the United States, Germany, Argentina, Switzerland and the Netherlands carried out extensive research and come to a sensational conclusion – all the people speak the same language!

In their study, the researchers by means of specially created for the study of the problem programs, analyzed the 100 basic words in 3700 different languages, representing 62% of all existing in our world languages. Continue reading “All of humanity speaks the same language”

Every 15 days a language dies the world

 dies the worldIPCC says about the warming-one on our planet. Although scientific studies give more precise results, the solution becomes more and more difficult, even if we and new options. These opportunities need to be running, which requires the efforts of governments, businesses, civil society and ordinary people, said the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Christiana Figueres . We are all well aware that what the negative impact we have on the environment and the animals with whom we need to share the planet. But nothing we do not want to share. Continue reading “Every 15 days a language dies the world”

The mysteries of the Mayan language

Mayan SymboleThe language of the ancient Mayan symbol for a long time, but in these days of the Internet helps them to complete this titanic work and write the history of this mysterious Meso-American civilization.

For centuries, scientists have little understanding of the Mayan records, but their elegant astronomical and calendar calculations. Maya dominated much of Central America and southern Mexico for thousands of years before their civilization mysteriously disappeared for about 600 years before the Spanish conquistadors. Continue reading “The mysteries of the Mayan language”

Discover the Universal language before the Tower of Babel

Universal languageBased on the studies of Professor De Santillana, Giorgio Terzoli discovered an astronomical precessional code through which said it all ancient cultures.

To be really fair that discovery should be divided into two distinct part, the first code that we call De Santillana – Von Dechend (“The mill of Hamlet”), is understood by science in 1969 and the second set as Code Terzo is given by Giorgio Terzoli generated.
Code De Santillana – Von Dechend
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What is not a race : Language and Nationalism

When we think about the differences between two different nations, first of all usually assume that they speak two different languages. (The biggest exception – United Kingdom and the United States – the country, consisting mainly of English-speaking residents.)

Almost every nation in Europe, spoke their own language. The language may be more important than political loyalty. People with a common language have a common literature, and therefore shared traditions. resident of the island of Cyprus feels that he has more in common with residents of Greece, than with English-speaking people who manage them. When Hitler told the Germans, he meant not only the population of Germany, but also all those anywhere else in the world considered German as their mother tongue.
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What is not a race : Language Family

People studying languages, know that the past can be classified but the groups and subgroups. By studying the similarity in vocabulary, grammar, word order, they concluded that most European languages, living and dead, and some Asian languages such as Persian and Sanskrit originate from a single language. This group is called the Indo-European languages.

In this language group can determine subgroups. For example, there is a subgroup of Germanic languages, including English, Swedish, German and Dutch. In the group of Romance languages are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian. Group unites Slavic Languages Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian. Continue reading “What is not a race : Language Family”