Landscapes of mountains

mountainsThe ancient cultures living in mountainous areas and narrow valleys. Terraces of rice, salt, corn farming, the method is repeated in different cultures and continents. We review the most notable examples and the incredible views that occur where the man is dedicated to carve mountains:-
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Eight Icy landscapes that hard to believe

I select these places and photos, I can not think another thought to think “if it were not a photographer I guarantee they are real, believe they are a montage done in Photoshop. A glacier in Chile with colors and tones that seem painted, a lake that look like iceberg or glacier sculpture that looks like a frozen sea, Iceland, Norway icy plains, a giant island in the Arctic ice, or glacier building a natural dam collapses while in Argentina. Are some frozen landscapes scattered throughout the world, mostly to remote and elusive to access, but any of them I think, justify the title of the post.
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