NASA evaluates four possible places to land on Mars in 2016

NASA announced that for the next mission to Mars, scheduled for 2016, there are four possible landing sites, for a total of 22 possible candidates. Insight probe break in March 2016 and six months to reach Mars territory, in order to investigate the formation processes of Mars, and try to understand the evolution of the… Read more NASA evaluates four possible places to land on Mars in 2016

The land of maar (Alaska)

Maar called relatively flat craters created by underground explosions. Commented James Bedzhet volcanologist from the University of Alaska Volcano Observatory: “The magma rises to the surface and at some point in contact with groundwater. At contact the water turns to steam, increasing in volume in 1000, which is a bombshell. “ Most maars have a… Read more The land of maar (Alaska)

The mysterious ancient land

Scientist-zoologist Englishman Slater many years spent on a thorough study of the fauna of Africa and Asia. Plunged headlong into the job, giving her all the time and effort, he drew attention to the similarity of many of our younger brothers who lived in these two far distant continent. Particular attention was attracted by the… Read more The mysterious ancient land