Cave Lake Melissani

cave MilissaniOn the island of  Kefalonia greece, is a cave Milissani. In its center you can see the underground lake, striking in its beauty.

The antique Greeks believed that leave housing nymphs. In 1951, Giannis shepherd noticed an amazing body of water by accident. He found the figures of Pan, the patron of nature and the shepherds, in one of the caves. Nearby lay a disc of clay with the image of beautiful dancing girls. Continue reading “Cave Lake Melissani”

Mysteries of paranormal-Disappearing lake

died lakeIn May 2007, the lake in Patagonia , Chile, literally disappeared , leaving a hole 30 time, icy mountains and the dry land . It was not a small lake . The lake is 5 miles ! When was the last time geologists surveyed the lake in March 2007 , did not find it strange . But something happened during those two months, which is not only caused the lake to disappear , but also turned the river flowing out of it into a small creek. Geologists wonder how such a large lake just disappeared. Continue reading “Mysteries of paranormal-Disappearing lake”

Global warming-the northernmost lake in the world comes back to life

Global warmingWhether to receive life in places such impulse to breed from nitrate pollution or its effects enough impending global warming. It seems that an international team of researchers led by Bianchi Perrin of the University of France-Comte (France) failed to answer this question.

Despite the harsh conditions of life, once Kaffenklubben lake was full of life in the face of cyan bacteria. Ice over the lake until the permanent, but its thickness varies. But even under 1-2 meters of ice cyan bacteria survive. True, they are most active in the summer, when the air temperature above the ice-reservoir reaches much +1,6 ╦Ü C. But the more complex forms of life here uncomfortable. But just now, but once …
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The history of the Aral Sea

Aral riverAral Sea endothelial salt lake in Central Asia, on the limit between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Since the 1960s of the XX century the sea level (and the amount of water in it) is declining rapidly due to diversion of water from the main supply of the Amudarya and Syrdarya.

Prior to the shoaling of the Aral Sea was the fourth largest lake in the world. Over-extraction of water for irrigation of agricultural land in the world has made the fourth-largest lake, the sea, above the rich life in the barren desert.
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Lake in France turns blood red

The river delta of Camargue in France is home to the peculiar spectacle of water that turns blood red.

Scientists believe that the reason this happens is because of the high salt concentration in the water, the salt can be found encrusting everything along the lake’s shoreline including plants, branches and rocks.

While a perfectly safe and natural phenomenon, some people who have seen photographs of the blood-red waters have jumped to an altogether Continue reading “Lake in France turns blood red”

Lake Nahuel Huapi a huge inland Sea

Lake, NahuelPersonal jet can take a trip to San Carlos de Bariloche in the Argentine Andes and the Nahuel Huapi to admire – a huge moraine lake with water surface area of several thousand square kilometers and a depth of more than four meters (it is greater and deeper than, say, Erie, one of the Great Lakes on the border of the U.S. and Canada).

This is a huge inland sea, surrounded by snow-capped Andean peaks, for several decades, emits a strange glow and even gives shelter to a monster, very similar to the notorious worn and well-known in Latin America under the name Nauelito. January 4th, 1994 at least 20 persons have seen this monster water slide on the smooth surface of the Nahuel Huapi-.
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A monster Issy

The island and of Kyushu, lives a monster Issy. According to Japanese mythology associated with the lake, Issy was once a white mare, who lived with the little foal on the lake. One careless samurai stole the colt, and Issy desperate jumped into the water and turned into a beast that resembles a lizard. Until now, it goes to the shore in search of a foal. If witnesses so firmly assured of the existence of Issy, why would this monster does not exist? And besides, it all smacks of the history of Nessie from Loch Ness. According to witnesses, Issy similar to the fossil sauropods, the body of her snake-like, length – about 30 feet. Although many people claimed to have seen with my own eyes the mysterious being, no real concrete evidence so far been submitted. The most significant of the evidence – the observation of a local resident Yutaka Kavadzhi and 20 members of his family. Continue reading “A monster Issy”

The unique magic of Lake Naroch

Lake, NarochNaroch – one of the most popular climatic and spa resorts in Belarus. The best vacation in Belarus – is here. Mother Nature had intended this picturesque place to become a resort area with high attendance. It is here, around the coast of Lake Naroch comfortably settled with a dozen health centers, health centers, tourist attractions, visitors who are simply resting or receive effective treatment and a maximum recovery through pleasant procedures.Lake Naroch – truly considered a “pearl” of Belarus, one of the largest lakes in the country. Its surface area is 85 square kilometers, the length of the coastline – 42 km, from south-east to north-west of the lake fell by 15 km., The width of its smooth surface in most of the space – 12 km. Deep Naroch up to 25 m. This is a wonder of nature in Belarus. Continue reading “The unique magic of Lake Naroch”

California lake Monoleyk in the U.S.

Mono Lake – a unique lake, which feeds streams from melting glacier. Water that enters into it, has only a single solution – the evaporation process, built up the highest concentration of mineral salts in its composition, which is almost 3 times more salty and 85 times more alkaline than sea water.
City of Los Angeles is located 300 miles from Mono Lake, but this fact does not prevent developing giant metropolis pace to intervene actively in the shape and destiny of one of the oldest lakes on the planet. In 60 of the last century, the citizens of Los Angeles began its needs for the four tributaries of the lake. Water drainage and farmers to irrigate their fields. Continue reading “California lake Monoleyk in the U.S.”

Unknown creature settled in Georgia lake

Georgia, lakeResidents of the village of Kvemo Sakara Zestaponi region (Western Georgia) require the authorities to send professionals to study the local lake, alleging that its many-living creature, stole livestock and dogs. Interest was the most Georgian media.

Residents said that during the night an unknown substance landfall. Therefore, people stopped to leave the house when it gets dark.

“Everyone wants to understand, many children here, go to the lake and a woman, and we are all in a panic”, – said in an interview with television station Rustavi-2 “one of the residents of the village /
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