Cave Lake Melissani

On the island of ┬áKefalonia greece, is a cave Milissani. In its center you can see the underground lake, striking in its beauty. The antique Greeks believed that leave housing nymphs. In 1951, Giannis shepherd noticed an amazing body of water by accident. He found the figures of Pan, the patron of nature and the… Read more Cave Lake Melissani

Global warming-the northernmost lake in the world comes back to life

Whether to receive life in places such impulse to breed from nitrate pollution or its effects enough impending global warming. It seems that an international team of researchers led by Bianchi Perrin of the University of France-Comte (France) failed to answer this question. Despite the harsh conditions of life, once Kaffenklubben lake was full of… Read more Global warming-the northernmost lake in the world comes back to life

A monster Issy

The island and of Kyushu, lives a monster Issy. According to Japanese mythology associated with the lake, Issy was once a white mare, who lived with the little foal on the lake. One careless samurai stole the colt, and Issy desperate jumped into the water and turned into a beast that resembles a lizard. Until… Read more A monster Issy

Unknown creature settled in Georgia lake

Residents of the village of Kvemo Sakara Zestaponi region (Western Georgia) require the authorities to send professionals to study the local lake, alleging that its many-living creature, stole livestock and dogs. Interest was the most Georgian media. Residents said that during the night an unknown substance landfall. Therefore, people stopped to leave the house when… Read more Unknown creature settled in Georgia lake