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A unique print time of King David

unique printA boy found in Jerusalem, the ancient seal. Artifact time of King David’s 19-year old Russian found in the national park Emek Tsurim. There is an ongoing project in which volunteers as the archaeologists and ordinary tourists can take part in the excavations.

Founder and director of the project, the archaeologist Gabriel Barkai called this unprecedented discovery. Printing was made in the X century BC, and it is the first such discovery, made in Jerusalem. The discovered printing, sifting the earth removed from the Temple Mount in 1990 during excavation work conducted there. There’s going to build a mosque. The distinguishing feature of this discovery is that it was made directly on the Temple Mount. Read the rest of this entry »

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The time of King David

King DavidThe Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University (Israel) and his colleagues first found the objects of the Jewish cult of the time of King David. In the excavations at Khirbet Keyyafe – Jewish fortress in the Valley of Elah – the specialists have found a lot of pottery, tools of stone and metal, as well as works of art and ritual objects. Among the latter – three large rooms that match the biblical descriptions. They are 30-40 years preceding the temple of Solomon, and this is the first material witnesses to the Jewish cult of the time.
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