In a shootout in Washington state killed five people

Washington state5 people were killed in a shooting in Federal Way, Washington State south of Seattle. It is reported by AP .

The signal of the shooting in one of the apartment complexes enrolled about half past nine pm local time.  Arrived at the scene police found the car parking on the two wounded men.  One of them is in the form of guards reached for his weapon after the police opened fire.  However, as the shootout at the time went on, is not precisely known, has become a death of one of its members the result of the actions of police.

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Killed the dinosaurs die out twice

dinosaurs dieThe mysterious disappearances of many species of animals at the border of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic have found an unexpected decision – in fact there were two mass extinctions.

Two groups of American scientists have found traces in the environmental record of two extinctions that occurred in the Cretaceous period, just one after another, with negligible in geologic time interval of 100,000 years. Double-extinction may explain why 65 million years ago on the planet disappeared at once three-quarters lived in her species.
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Scientists insist- Dinosaurs killed meteorites

Dinosaurs killed meteoritesScientists group proposed evidence in favor of the fact that dinosaurs became extinct as a result of a massive meteorite bombardment.
Recall “meteoritic hypothesis” appeared in 1980. Most experts considered it fantastic, but soon in the Gulf of Mexico was discovered Chicxulub crater, which has led to serious approach to the subject of conversation. The debate, however, did not subside until now: one rejects the hypothesis, while others defend it.
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