New type of avian influenza virus during a pandemic could kill many people

influenza virusHuman population virtually no antibodies against H7 sub type of influenza virus. Virus called H7N7 was detected in chickens in China, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. A team of researchers from Hong Kong has found the virus in 25% of samples taken from the birds, many of which also had the virus H7N9.

Testing the H7N7 strain of the virus in ferrets, the researchers found that it can be transmitted to mammals. If that H7N7 will continue to circulate in the chick, I’m sure that human cases of infection occur, – told AFP co-author Yi Guan of the University of Hong Kong. Continue reading “New type of avian influenza virus during a pandemic could kill many people”

Mobiles kill and Injury

Mobiles killMobile phones are gradually becoming one of the major cause of injury, disability and even death. It is possible that a mobile phone will soon catch up on this indicator are some common illnesses.

The number of pedestrians are injured because of his mobile phone is likely to continue to grow, say researchers at Ohio State University (USA). They first drew attention to the fact that mobile phones are dangerous not only for drivers but also for pedestrians. Continue reading “Mobiles kill and Injury”

An unknown animal that kill the people

March 26 near the train platform “Baranovo” locals came across a mutilated human body. Medics arrived later recorded the absence of certain body parts and internal organs. Is it in the area infested criminals selling people “on the bodies?” Much easier, but no less frightening – a local resident was the victim of an unknown animal.

During the forensic examination to establish the cause of death was not possible due to lack of body parts and internal organs – told in the press service of the SU TFR in the Tularegion. – The body of the deceased were found postmortem damage caused by the teeth of animals.

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