The first woman on the throne of kiev

 KievOlga first appears in the annals as the bride of prince igor. But who she was and where i came from, the ancient texts give rather contradictory information. According to the tale of bygone years it resulted from pskov. Life princess, couched in the xvi century, argues that it was the birthplace of the whole, now located near the city of pskov, did not exist.

In general chronicles indicate that prophetic oleg nephew found his wife in. Unclear and nationality princess. According to the life, olga was the language of the varangian, which confirms its name – olga . Continue reading “The first woman on the throne of kiev”

The relics of St. George was taken to the All Saints Church in Kiev

Saints ChurchThe power of the Christian St. George , first delivered to worship in the Ukraine , were transferred from the Kiev- Pechersk Lavra church in Kiev , All Saints . All Saints Church is being built on the territory of the Cathedral of Resurrection of the UOC MP . Today , on the eve of the liturgy around the temple was made a procession , headed by carrying casket with a particle of the right hand of St. George the Victorious. As explained by the Press Secretary for the UOC Arch priest George Konovalenko George highly esteemed both in Ukraine and in Russia he is considered the patron saint of Kyiv and is depicted on the emblem of Moscow. Continue reading “The relics of St. George was taken to the All Saints Church in Kiev”