A78b there is contrary to all the theories

solar planet KeplerExposed extra solar planet Kepler-78b in accordance with all current theories of planet formation can not exist. This planet is a complete mystery – says astronomer David Latham of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CFA). – We do not know how it formed, and how I got into its orbit. We only know that the planet will die for sure. ¬†Extra solar¬†planet Kepler-78b in all modern concepts of astronomers purely can not exist Kepler-78b – is actually a ball of molten lava diameter of 9200 km and a mass of 2 times the size of Earth, which revolves around its star in 8.5 hours. Exoplanet is different from all the planets discovered hitherto density similar to Earth. In Kepler-78b density is only 20% larger than that of our planet, and also exoplanet, like Earth, is rocky and contains iron. Continue reading “A78b there is contrary to all the theories”