In Israel discovered 3300-year-old temple of Baal

BaalA group of archaeologists found at the excavation site in Israel space, which probably served as a place of worship of the pagan god of thunder Baalu about 3300 years ago.

This was announced at a conference of the European Association of Archaeologists in Istanbul.

The entire complex has a size of about 16×16 meters. On its territory, archaeologists found charms in the form of beetles (scarabs), fragments of masks, amphorae of different sizes, known as pithoi, and connected with each other cups, the purpose of which is unknown yet. Continue reading “In Israel discovered 3300-year-old temple of Baal”

In ancient wells in Israel discovered human remains

Mysterious WellsIsraeli archaeologists have reported a new unique discovery. During excavations in the town on the west Enot Nisan Jezreel Valley was discovered ancient well age of 8.5 thousand years. This is part of the expansion route Highway 66 by National Roads Company, said the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Inside the well archaeologists waited another discovery. At depth have been found the remains of two people: 19-year-old woman and an adult male. Whether they fell into the pit by accident or was it murder remains a mystery.
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