A lost world in the Arctic

ArcticThe most northerly inhabited island in the world, which is a frozen desert where six of 10 square kilometers have spent centuries under the snow and ice only lasts the year “one day and one night,” but each extends six months , that the roads have signs announcing the passage of polar bears. That there is no crime, but that all residents have to take shooting lessons and almost all are armed to navigate the risk of a bad encounter with a bear. Recently explored in a post a giant ice island in northern Canada . Today we moved to northern Europe to discover the natural laws of Svalbard are unlike anything we know. In addition, despite its geographical location, the islands enjoy a relatively benign climate thanks to the Gulf Stream, which leaves room for some surprises.
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Fall of the Minoans

the MinoansThe Minoans are best known for the myth of theses and the Minotaur, but is in fact the disappearance of this civilization that once was great what is more interesting. While many historians concentrate on the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of the Minoans, who resided on the island of Crete, is an equal if not greater mystery. Three and half years ago the island was rocked by a huge volcanic eruption on the island of There decimal. Archaeologists unearthed tablets which have shown that the Minoans lived another 50 years after the eruption, and finally disappeared.

The mystery of Oak Island

Oak, Island1795 a young man named Daniel McGinnis ventured around the island of Oak Island, a small Canadian island in Magone Bay, Nova Scotia. At one point, he found a depression in the ground and close to her an old oak with a pulley on top of it. The next day, with two of his friends, John Smith and Anthony Vaughan, he returned to where he had noted that depression and began to dig, located approximately 60 cm layer of slate, a material that ‘could not be found on the island. They continued up to 3 m and they found a pavement of oak with brand ax obvious. A 7 m they realized that with their strength they could not keep all alone …
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The Mysterious Island Melville

MelvilleAustralian Island Melville is located adjacent to the island of Bathurst – the birthplace of the people of Tiwi. Strip of water separating the island from the mainland, has led to isolation from the rest of the tribe of the Australian population. Because of this prior to the first sustained contacts in the early XX century. Tiwi lived only in accordance with their traditions and customs.

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The island of Bermuda and a little green

Island, BermudaWhat keeps the secrets of a small piece of land next to the big city. While Rostov experts on UFOs and the paranormal puzzled over phenomenon de Sales, directly from them at hand, within the boundaries of the regional capital, was lying area, comparable perhaps to degree of abnormality, not only with the infamous de Sales, but even with the famous M-sky triangle.

What is the official name of this zone will (if it gets!), It is not clear. But most of all – something like – under the name of a small island in the middle of the Don, which became the focus of mysterious and unexplained phenomena.
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Easter Island

IslandOne of the greatest mysteries on Earth – the statue, standing on Easter Island. Easter Island – one of the most remote islands on Earth. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean, 3,700 kilometers to the west coast of Chile, and in 1819 miles from Pitcairn Island, another of the village. The island is only 24 km away. in length and 12 kilometers wide. However, Easter Island, which was almost deserted, struck the first Europeans arrived there in 1722r. It was covered with giant statues, each weighing several tons, and some reach a height of 9 meters. Who built them and why, and how they got there? No one knows the exact answer, but many are trying to find it. It has even been suggested that extraterrestrials may have played a role in these giant statues.One theory suggests that Easter Island was inhabited by Polynesian seafarers, who traveled thousands of miles in their canoes, guided by the stars, the sun, the rhythms of the ocean. Polynesians first arrived on the island in 400 BC However, ocean currents change their motion, and they were trapped, and on arriving there, could not go back. Continue reading “Easter Island”

The largest sandy island

IslandFraser Island – 400 thousand years – all the more impressive that the light sands are mobile, they should wash away the idea of ocean waves. And the island and its forests and lakes are unique and therefore included in the UNESCO heritage list as a unique monument of nature. The forests of the island – the remnants of tropical rain forests, which can grow on sand dunes. Even more amazing lake islands are more than 40, and they are freshwater. Freshwater lakes on the island, surrounded on all sides by ocean, is not receiving power from rivers and glaciers. They exist only replenished by precipitation and groundwater. Sometimes they are also called “hanging” lakes because they are fresh water, independent of the ocean, as if “hanging” over its salty waters. Continue reading “The largest sandy island”

Discovered the remains of – Atlantis

The ancient mountains and river beds below the bottom of scientists found the Atlantic – another 56 million years ago to the west of today’s Shetland Islands, lying north-east of Scotland, the land lay.
Now, finding out the ocean floor to the organization of work in oil, scientists have reconstructed the prehistoric landscape, reports Live Science.
For the whole world, it looks like a map of the land of the country, as an ancient fossil landscape preserved in two kilometers under the sea, – said the chief researcher Nicky White, a geologist at the University of Cambridge (UK).
The area surveyed area is about 10 thousand square meters. kilometers. Scientists suggest that even before the appearance of man, this land was a single entity from what is now Scotland and extended to the coast of Norway.
Map of prehistoric earth, hidden beneath the sea floor, managed to draw thanks to the company, which is under contract with the oil industry served a survey of the bottom echo sounders. Letting go of the metal cylinder compressed air under high pressure equipment research thus produced sound waves that reach the ocean floor and penetrated more deeply – under the surface. Continue reading “Discovered the remains of – Atlantis”

Invincible berserks ancient Vikings

ancientThe ancient Scandinavian sagas brought us the legend of the invincible warriors, who, overwhelmed by the fury of combat, with a sword or an ax broke into the ranks of the enemy, destroying everything in its path. Modern scholars do not doubt their reality, but much of the history of the berserkers and today remains an unsolved mystery.
Most references in the sagas of the Berserker IX-XI centuries, when the Vikings (Norsemen) at its high-speed ships, drakarah terrified the nations of Europe. It seemed to them that nothing can resist. Under the blows of the Vikings already in VIII-IX centuries Pali such major cities as London, Bordeaux, Paris, Orleans. What to say about small towns and villages of the Normans devastated in a matter of hours. Often in the occupied territories they created their own state, for example, the Duchy of Normandy and Sicily Kingdom. Continue reading “Invincible berserks ancient Vikings”