Oak Mystery Island: Part II

Oak Mystery IslandWhat hides in Oak Island? Pirate treasure or treasure of the Vikings? Ancient fortress or lost biblical relic? Nobody knows, but those who have tried to learn a fiasco. He who hid the treasure on the island, tried to glory: to get to the bottom of the shaft is not possible, because any hole immediately filled with sea water of covert channels, obviously dug specifically.

Well, dubbed Spur 10 X», situated two hundred feet to the northeast of the money of mine. It was first drilled in October 1969. Then its diameter does not exceed 15 centimeters. Why Blankenship interested in it – it’s hard to say, probably helped biographical knowledge of the island. Continue reading “Oak Mystery Island: Part II”

Oak Mystery Island

Oak Mystery IslandOff the coast of Nova Scotia is a small island that holds a great secret. In the XVIII century, people have noticed that at night the island is lit strange light, but those who went to find out what the light did not come back. A little later, two boys found on the island of strange hole – the entrance to a mine buried in the ground. This discovery marked the beginning of a fever kladoskatelstva, which was attended by such famous people as Franklin Roosevelt and John Wayne.

Daniel McGinnis had not read pirated novels for two reasons. First, the court was in 1795, and at Stevenson, Conrad and Captain Marietta has not yet come, and secondly, why the book, if there is something pozanimatelnee example, old stories about living corsairs – Captain Kidd, Blackbeard , Edward Davis and many, many others. Continue reading “Oak Mystery Island”

Funeral Sable Island

 IslandThe island was discovered by the Portuguese in the early XVI century and was named Island of the Holy Cross. Half a century later, he was given a more appropriate title – Sable.

The word remains controversial: not sable, not the Sabre, not the sand … But some sailors call this island just mourning – for being here found their death many hundreds of ships: Portuguese, English, French, and pirate ships were no exception.

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Island of the Dolls, Mexico- amazing islands in the world

Mexico- amazing islands Anyone who has seen at least one of the films about the doll Chucky agree dolls can be very scary. Especially when they are hanging on the trees, covered with cobwebs and insects crawling out of the empty eye sockets – such a spectacle awaits you when you arrive at the Island of Dolls, located in one of the districts of the Federal District of Mexico City.

The origin of this creepy place bizarre scenario as Tim Burton or M. Night Shyamalan: a man named Don Julio came to the island after the tragic death of his whole family, Continue reading “Island of the Dolls, Mexico- amazing islands in the world”

The Discovery of Oak island Treasure

IslandOne summer day in 1795 Daniel McGinnis, then a teenager, was wandering about Oak Island, Nova Scotia when he came across a curious circular depression in the ground. Standing over this depression was a tree whose branches had been cut in a way which looked like it had been used as a pulley. Having heard tales of pirates in the area he decided to return home to get friends and return later to investigate the hole.

Over the next several days McGinnis, along with friends John Smith and Anthony Vaughan, worked the hole. What they found astonished them. Two feet below the surface they came across of layer of flagstones covering the pit. Continue reading “The Discovery of Oak island Treasure”

Kodachok secrets of the island in the river

the islandThe pyramid disappeared and the sanctuary of the god Ra  According to legend, Ivan Sirko Kodachke to greet the dawn, in the Scythian kings of conceiving children. Kodachok Island in the river,which is associated with the names of the Grand Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich and brave Cossack Ivan Sirko, literally teeming with legends and myths. Etymology of the word Kodachok this: root code in Sanskrit means  tape  and ending  ak means the action . That is the word  Kodak  means one who creates the tape . Continue reading “Kodachok secrets of the island in the river”

Island of Dolls in Mexico – the ugly world of nightmares

 dolls islandIsland History began with the moment as one of the Mexicans by the name of Julio Barerra suddenly left his family and became a hermit on a small piece of land located between the ancient Aztec channels. This place already had a bad reputation among local residents, who preferred to get his side to “devilry” was not the cause of poverty in their villages. Rumor has it that once there disappeared people, whose bodies so no one will find …

Apparently, Barerru these legends are not impressive, since he went into self-imposed exile on this island, making it even more scary, frightening and ugly. Continue reading “Island of Dolls in Mexico – the ugly world of nightmares”

Secrets of Easter Island

Easter IslandVolcanic island 166 square meters Km and a height of 539 meters, is located in the eastern Pacific Ocean. On the island of 70 extinct volcanoes that never erupted for 1,300 years since colonization. The island belongs to Chile. It has a population of about 2,000 people, so they say it is the most secluded corner of the world.

Ancient sculptors tried to use natural materials sparingly and do not do the extra work for the future when marking statues they used – Continue reading “Secrets of Easter Island”

Wiesen Island as an example of global warming

IslandSmall land in the north of the Kara SeaIsland visa – is a tangible example of how global warming is evident in the Arctic. In fact, with the ice there a big problem, whereas the green – more than enough.

In October this Arctic island was the warmest spot on the map of boundless Russia. Of course, not an absolute value, and the largest anomalies. If the national average of positive deviations from the norm in October did not exceed 1.2 degrees, on the island of Wiese months received a 10.5 Degrees warmer than usual.
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Fisherman three months hanging out in the ocean on a boat!

In the Pacific Ocean fishermen rescued his colleague from the island nation of Kiribati, which met in the ocean for more than three months.

Because of engine failure from May to September, he waited for him find his friend could not stand the harsh conditions and died on July 4. It is noteworthy that the rescued fisherman asked not first thing in the water, as usually happens in such cases, and smoke. Continue reading “Fisherman three months hanging out in the ocean on a boat!”