Funeral Sable Island

The island was discovered by the Portuguese in the early XVI century and was named Island of the Holy Cross. Half a century later, he was given a more appropriate title – Sable. The word remains controversial: not sable, not the Sabre, not the sand … But some sailors call this island just mourning –… Read more Funeral Sable Island

Kodachok secrets of the island in the river

The pyramid disappeared and the sanctuary of the god Ra ¬†According to legend, Ivan Sirko Kodachke to greet the dawn, in the Scythian kings of conceiving children. Kodachok Island in the river,which is associated with the names of the Grand Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich and brave Cossack Ivan Sirko, literally teeming with legends and myths. Etymology… Read more Kodachok secrets of the island in the river

Secrets of Easter Island

Volcanic island 166 square meters Km and a height of 539 meters, is located in the eastern Pacific Ocean. On the island of 70 extinct volcanoes that never erupted for 1,300 years since colonization. The island belongs to Chile. It has a population of about 2,000 people, so they say it is the most secluded… Read more Secrets of Easter Island