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In England astonished scientists found a store of coins of the Roman era and the Iron Age

 Roman eraA popular tourist destination in the English county of Der by shire, found the treasure that surprised archaeologists. The cave found 26 coins, which belong to two different cultures: three Roman coins dating from before ’43 n. e., that is, before the Roman invasion of Britain, and 20 gold and silver coins korieltauvov tribe. This is the first time that coins of these two cultures are together. 

The first treasure discovered by a local who is interested in mountaineering and went to the next campaign in the neighborhood, when he caught a heavy rain. Read the rest of this entry »

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Feminists iron age

Iron ageThe lives of real women are reflected in the sagas, with all its problems – love, heartache and victories. The fair sex look different there – resourceful and clever, serious and whimsical, vengeful and ambitious – but not empty-headed beauties.

In contrast to the lethargic and weak maidens Greek mythology keltki fought, decided the fate of the tribe and achieving goals, won. Moira Caldicott, a British scholar of Celtic myths, wrote that women in Celtic folklore as intelligent as beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »

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Iron Age superconductivity

Iron AgeExamining one of the representatives of a new family of superconductors, an international team of physicists with scientists made a discovery that may help to sort out with the physical principles of superconductivity – the most mysterious and fascinating phenomena of quantum physics, more marketable modern technology.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Are thousands of human remains from the Iron Age in Britain?

A chilling discovery took place in Somerset, a beautiful, historic place southwest of England. Thousands of corpses dating back nearly 2,000 years before Christ, shocked to expert. Chop bodies with signs of skin ripped from their bones, is thus found by archaeologists excavating the area, on the hill of Ham knoll.  Read the rest of this entry »

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