Some ancient Egyptian inventions that distorted the world

Egyptian inventionsCivilization of Ancient Egypt affects its researchers developed compared with the rest of the time. In addition to the impressive historical and artistic value and practical value exists Egyptian knowledge:

technology, open in this ancient kingdom are not forgotten for centuries. Many of them are used by our contemporaries, not even aware that they owe their comfort centuries-old heritage. Continue reading “Some ancient Egyptian inventions that distorted the world”

10 major medical inventions in 2009

The ten most important innovations in the health sector for 2009 include the establishment of a vaccine against “swine flu”, “electronic eye”, a new type of hearing aid, a new method for the regeneration of broken bones, electromagnetic therapy for depression, antiviral, antibacterial paint for the walls, electronic stethoscope technology Blue tooth, the cheapest in the world prosthetic knee joint, a new system of transportation of organs for transplantation.
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