An insider of intelligence – Syria, World War III and hidden agendas

WORLD WARRemember that the 2001 attacks against the United States have been a catalyst for our military operations in Afghanistan and then in Iraq, allegedly under George W. Bush , the so-called ” conservative Republicans .” We could go to Afghanistan to clear that we need and go home. Instead , we are still in Afghanistan, we went into Iraq after convincing the world they had weapons of mass destruction. Continue reading “An insider of intelligence – Syria, World War III and hidden agendas”

Boltzmann Brains in outer space intelligence

 brainsSensational research scientists, the essence of which was to ensure that the universality is not a myth but a reality. The news went virtually unnoticed in the media, but in vain. After this discovery means that the well-established in the scientific community world view – came to an end. Moreover, physicists came to a stunning conclusion –  in vast expanses of space are innumerable sentient beings without bodies, who quietly float itself in deep space ! idea known as the “Boltzmann Brain“, was first proposed nearly 10 years ago. If we describe briefly the findings of scientists, the “Boltzmann Brains” is:  a fully formed randomly in space – the essence of possessing consciousness!

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Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence

civilizationsThe chemical composition of stars in our galaxy. Used as data on the known explanted, and got a few different estimates. According to them, the Milky Way can be from 300 to 38,000 Advanced civilizations that have the potential to establish contact with Earth.

For modeling Forgan real data on the distribution of stars of mass, luminosity, and the situation in our Galaxy. After that, specially written program has created a number of virtual stars of a certain number of planets. Continue reading “Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence”

Human intelligence is slowly falling

Human intelligence The human race is becoming more and more stupid? Even hundreds of years, some experts believe that people lose their cognitive abilities and become more emotionally unstable. Genetics at Stanford University, Dr. Gerald Crabtree believes that the intelligent extinction of the human race is associated with adverse mutations. But the intellect of people is suffering as well as other factors.

Our cognitive and emotional abilities are fed and determined the combined efforts of thousands of genes. Continue reading “Human intelligence is slowly falling”

Scientists close to creating simulated intelligence

intelligenceScientists have created a computer program that approximately passed the test for intelligence.  In other words, science is on the verge of creating simulated intelligence.

Plan developed by almost managed to pass the well-known Turing test, developed by British mathematician Alan Turing in 1950.  The essence of the test is that one or more people should ask questions to two secret interlocutors, and the answers should show which of them a car was, and who the person.  If the machine can not masquerade as a man assumes that it is reasonable.
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A damaged brain revealed the secret intelligence

damaged, brainThe University of Illinois studied the cerebral cortex 182 veterans of the Vietnam War with focal lesions of “gray matter”. In the end, knows the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” , they managed to create a “map” of the physical architecture of intelligence in the brain. Focal brain injury assessed in the study, allowed scientists to identify which brain structures are necessary for thinking. Learn how to damaged areas of the brain affect human cognitive function, researchers have inflicted on the “map” of the architecture of thought, identifying the structure of the brain that are critical for specific mental abilities.
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Map of the brain-who is responsible for intelligence

BrainThe Scientists at the University of Illinois for the first time in the history of neurosurgeon, mapped the physical architecture of intelligence in the brain. In other words, now scientists know exactly where is the human mind and about how it works.

During a large-scale study, researchers conducted the most deep and complete analysis of the results of scans of the brain in experimental unique: 182 Vietnam veterans with brain injuries resulting from penetrating head injury. In order to discover the structure of the brain responsible for intelligence, Continue reading “Map of the brain-who is responsible for intelligence”

Look for extraterrestrial artificial intelligence

intelligenceOne of the leading astronomers of the program Seti said that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence must take into account the version of the existence of “intelligent machines”.
Program to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, known by its acronym Seti, still expected to receive a signal from the biological beings from a planet similar to Earth. Worked in the project Dr. Seth Shostak believes that the probability of detecting alien artificial intelligence is higher than the chance to meet the biological life form.
Scientists involved in Seti, have long been pondering the fact that the problem of the origin of life could be solved in different ways and using different materials. In this regard, the aliens can not only look different, but on a biological level to operate a completely different way than men.
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