Swarms of huge moths flooded Malaysia

InsectsInsects identified as Lyssa Zampa or Laotian brown butterfly raid homes of Malaysians, and last week was interrupted soccer match at the Darul Makmur.

Experts quarrel that though so frequent sightings of moths unprecedented insects appear in cities far from the first time: in the last month in neighboring Singapore reported 800 sightings of moths wingspan reaches 16 cm Continue reading “Swarms of huge moths flooded Malaysia”

Found strange insects In Brazil

insectsInternational group of Japanese, Swiss and Brazilian biologists discovered in caves on the states of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Tocantins and Bahia four previously unknown species of winged insects the size of a flea, with a fairly unusual views on sexual life.

These insects belong to a large group senoedov. Creatures new kind Neotrogla, as it turned out, literally switched roles: the female has a penis, and males – vagina. Continue reading “Found strange insects In Brazil”

Happiness in the life of insects

 insectsMany people living ants and bees seem exemplary. But is it wise to such a representation. Here is an example of the life of insects, from book to book.

Insect at metamorphosis occurs through disordering: becomes cloudy liquid. Then this turbid liquid fairly quickly rebuilt into a butterfly. And, if carefully select part of the milky liquid, the remainder still provide a process of change. Appears full insect, only smaller. In principle, this is not surprising. And chrysalis and butterfly composed of the same cells. Switching action occurs coherent cells from one system to another. This reflects the essence of metamorphosis. Continue reading “Happiness in the life of insects”

Carnivorous plant has entered into a symbiosis with ants

antsA mutually beneficial cooperation between the dwelling on the ants Components Schmitt Borneo and nepenthes carnivorous plants found Biologists. This is the first known case of mutual ism between insects and insectivorous plants. The work of scientists published in the journal PLOS ONE.
Nepenthe inhabits nutrient-poor peat bogs and forced to obtain nitrogen and other elements of the insects that fall into a kind of a pitcher with digestive enzymes. It turns out that this plant helps other predatory insects – ants.
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Dorr was the strongest in the world of insects

strongest ,world ,insectsScientists have found the strongest in the world of insects. They found Dorr Onthophagus Taurus. Researchers published their findings in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Brief paper writes portal Science now.

In order to determine which goods can raise the bug, the researchers glued to his elytra thread, which is thrown through the block. The opposite end of the filament was attached to a bucket, where researchers drop wise added to water. As a result of these experiments revealed that. Taurus able to lift a load with a mass equivalent to the 1141 weight of the beetle. In the case of man this is tantamount to raising a huge truck with a trailer.
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