Skeletons of the ancient inhabitants

ancient inhabitantsMexicois a vast region Eastern Sierra Madre, consisting of a system of endless mountain ranges. Scientists believe that 10-12 thousand years ago, moving from the north, primitive hunter-gatherers have chosen this land of countless caves.

In 2008, here in the state of Tamaulipas, in a cave called La Escondida in Spanish means secret, secretly, stealthily have been found human remains, of which managed to extract samples of genetic material. Laboratory DNA analysis indicated the identity of these people to haplogroup C , representatives of which also are Polynesians and ancient Asians. Continue reading “Skeletons of the ancient inhabitants”

Legends of the inhabitants of the sea

Under waterA ¬†multi-colored creature: the head, hands and feet – purple and the skin, Draped like a cloak – gray and phosphorescent – described the underwater inhabitant in a science fiction story, “In the depths” noted Wells. If the writer in this small work just gave free rein to his imagination, the Japanese fishermen are quite sure that in the coastal waters of Japan live humanoid amphibians. Call them kappa, and on the back of their shell, like a turtle.

¬†Not only in Japan, can talk about the mysterious underwater inhabitants, the mention of them be found in the myths of many peoples of the world. On clay tablets of ancient Sumer, for example, are mentioned race poluryba half people that live in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Continue reading “Legends of the inhabitants of the sea”

Solar inhabitants monitor Earth

EarthThe Sun created something incredible. Specialists in paranormal phenomena noticed that the National Space Administration USA (NASA) permanently removes from its website pictures of solar corona. And when they come back, the photo retouching traces. Such activity is suspicious UFONASA discovered hidden artifacts.

On the first great UFO (the size of our planet), seen near the Sun, “AN” wrote in 2010. Since then yielded many different proofs of their existence.
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The first inhabitants of South America

first inhabitantsA “dislocation” stable air currents – the trade winds – blowing in the southern hemisphere in the direction of South America. In this case there had to be ocean current, which is on the southeast coast of Asia went through the Indian Ocean, bathed South Africa, reached South America, penetrated into the Drake Passage between Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica, and then sent along its western shore, lost in the Pacific.

The course allowed going in the direction of Antarctica. The sin was not to use it. The peoples of the Paleolithic period who inhabited the Indonesian region, over 50 thousand years ago could make at least a primitive craft. In the same period there was a nearby settlement of Australia.
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