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Remarkable information regarding hurricanes

Heavy windHurricanes sometimes it seems we know everything about them. A great many facts regarding hurricanes will be for most of us completely by surprise. Here are some of them:-

Waves caused by the hurricane, can throw a ton of fish to the shore-
It often happens that a fish out of water, storm, get out of the eye sockets. Blame all the sharp pressure drop.
Energy, which has a hurricane, so great that it would be enough to light one of the most exciting cities in the world – Las Vegas for many years. Read the rest of this entry »

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The brain prepares for recording information

brainThe neural circuit in the brain neuro-chemical changes occur that prepare the cell for writing new data, if they are really important.

The proverb “a repetition of – the mother of learning” is known to all, but very few people thought about on Thurs and as happens in the brain during the repetition of words, images and situations. To make things deposited in long-term memory, it is necessary to reproduce a few times. If, for instance, rat a dangerous situation with which its instincts have not encountered, the animal will remember everything that happens only the second time. Researchers from Emory University (USA) decided to find out what neuro-chemical processes at the same time are included in the brain.
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