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Indians rescued alien

AlienU.S. state of New Mexico is known, above all, that here in July 1947, there was an accident spaceship aliens. But never have the world media did not report follow-up, no less improbable events.

Around midnight on August 13 of the same in 1947, six Indians Apaches settled for the night in the desert region of southern New Mexico. Over dinner they fright on their feet, they struck a powerful roar which sounded very far away. Flashed flash – and the ground beneath his feet shuddered.
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The Hopi Indians and their prophecy

Hopi Indians Native American Indians (HOPI) about 10,000 individuals, many of whom live in Arizona (USA) at the Federal Reserve Navajo Pueblo.

The Hopi Indians claim that their ancestors were visited by beings from the stars who traveled on shields or birds flying thundering, and mastered the art of cutting and transporting huge blocks of stone, as well as to build tunnels and underground facilities. These rescuers were “Katchinas” meaning “wise, honorable and respected.”
The Grandfather speaks as spokesman of the Great Spirit and visions that had:
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